Association Perspective


This will be my first article in our new “digital” format.  Your Executive Board has had mixed feelings about the magazine going completely online since we began discussing this over five years ago.  Judging from the e-mails I have received both pro and con, some of our members feel the same way.  Unfortunately, the magazine for many years was printed and mailed at substantial financial loss and limited our ability to promote the Association. The difficult decision was made to go completely digital beginning in 2017. 

There are some significant enhancements with a digital magazine, as we maximize its capabilities. The digital version, unlike the print version, does not have any limit to the number of pages, articles, columns, Chapter Chat and other features, or their length. The new digital format will allow for the magazine to be published the last week of the month that the issue covers and individual articles can be e-mailed or texted.  In addition it is available on the website, in the Archives as a flipbook, and will be available in a downloadable PDF version.  I truly understand that doing away with the “print” version of the magazine is an emotional issue for some of our members, as it was for me.  However, from a business decision, it made sense.

On a different note we are getting into the “busy” season of our Association. As I write this article the FBI National Academy Unit, your Executive Board and Executive Office Staff are making plans to host the Chapter Officer’s Meeting.  This is a busy, but enjoyable week as we catch up with old friends, make new ones and go about the work of our Association.  I want to personally thank Assistant Director David Resch and his team for their continued support and dedication to the National Academy and in particularly our Association.  I have said many times when I talk to our members, that our relationship with the FBI has never been better.

The Chapter Officer’s Meeting will be a time for fellowship and a time for business, as we meet with the leadership from your Chapters and learn what is important to them as our Association continues to be the “Strongest Law Enforcement Leadership Network in the World.”  We will also be highlighting some new initiatives including the membership software upgrade, as well as introducing the new “super vendor” for our online store.

There will also be a solemn moment while we induct one of our members, Deputy Inspector James W. Baber, Alexandria Police Department and Session #33 to the Hall of Honor.
I know many of your Chapter Officers are making plans for your Chapter Conference and we, at the National Office are doing the same.  The plans for the National Conference in Washington DC are going well and early registration is tracking ahead of schedule.  If you haven’t registered for the National Conference in Washington DC, July 30 through August 2, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  I know Michael Spochart and his team are working hard to make the conference memorable as they bring the National Conference back to where it all started.

Your Executive Board is pleased to announce the selection of Mark Morgan as the next Executive Director of the FBINAA.  Mark’s leadership, vision, executive experience, familiarity and unbridled enthusiasm for our Association will provide a continued strive towards excellence for the FBINAA.  Mark will assume the position on August 4th, following a transition period.  Executive Director, Steve Tidwell, has graciously agreed to stay on through the National Conference where he will turn the reins over to our new Executive Director Mark Morgan.

Several of the Executive Board Members were fortunate to attend the 5.11 Tactical Steak Dinner for the 267th Session.  We were able to see first-hand the commitment that CEO Tom Davin has for this Association as he spoke to the group and explained how important their partnership is to the FBI National Academy Associates.  It was a great evening of fellowship and I think the steaks get bigger with each session.

In closing, I want to thank one of our members who reached out to me in early December of last year.   I received an e-mail from Pat Carroll from the Connecticut Chapter. Pat is a proud graduate of the 65th Session that graduated in June of 1960. Pat sent me a very warm e-mail that touched me in several ways.

My initial reaction was that I was pleased that I had feedback from one of my articles. Then as I re-read his e-mail and it reminded me how much responsibility I have to our members, like Mr. Carroll, as your President.  Most importantly, I was struck by how much the experience of attending the National Academy as well as his membership in the Association meant to him, so much so that he has remained an active, dues paying member at the age of 94. The fact that he would care enough about this Association to reach out to the current President at this time in his life is an example I hope we all recognize and will emulate.

I have used Mr. Carroll’s story as I have spoken to our members as your President; I challenged them as I am challenging you now, to be that guy!  We can all learn from Mr. Carroll’s example of what it looks like to be a lifelong member of this Association of great law enforcement leaders. I want to thank you Mr. Carroll for your simple note that made such an impact on me and hopefully, our membership.

God Bless...