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Special Agent In Charge Marlin Ritzman swearing in new members of the Board – Robert Beasley, Secretary/Treasurer, Shirley Coté, President, and Barry Wilson, Vice President of Southcentral Region. Vice Presidents Sean McGee and Chad Goeden will be sworn in later.

The Alaska Chapter voted in a whole new Board, with Ms. Shirley Cote being the new Chapter President.  Exciting, as they hope to build a new strong group.  Visiting Magnum PI (AKA Arizona Member Terry Vrabec) visited to help them with the change over and we had a great Hawaiian themed dinner to celebrate the strength and unity of the law enforcement community.  Notice the Law Enforcement American flag in the background, as all attendees received one to show respect for them and their families.

Past President Terry Vrabec receiving a plaque from incoming President Shirley Coté. Terry was recognized for his 16 years of service as the Alaska Chapter President. Terry also spent his first year on the board as Vice President and his last year as Past President. We could not have asked for a more involved leader.

The annual Alaska Chapter FBI NAA Christmas party. Every year we have a different theme. This year it was Hawaiian (in case you couldn’t guess). Year after year it’s a tremendous amount of fun with good food, games, prizes and most of all camaraderie.


FBI Director James Comey recently met with the Police Chiefs and Sheriffs from Arizona, as well as the Executive Board of the Arizona Chapter of the FBINAA.  Director Comey provided an overview of current events and held a lively Q & A session.  His time was appreciated by all involved. 


Congratulations to Roxana Kennedy, NA 243, for her promotion as the first female Chief of Police of the Chula Vista Police Department, Chula Vista, California.  Roxana is a very active member of the California Chapter and serves on the California Executive Board as the Corporate Sponsorship Development Coordinator.  Roxana does a phenomenal job in this position.  Again, congratulations Chief Kennedy.

Congratulations to Ronald Lawrence for his promotion to Chief of Police of the Citrus Heights Police Department, Citrus Heights California.  Ron is a graduate of the NA 230th session and was selected for this position from the Rocklin Police Department.  Congratulations Chief Lawrence.

Congratulations to Darin Lenyi for his appointment to Chief of Police of the Placentia Police Department, Placentia, California.  Darin is a graduate of the NA 243rd session.  Congratulations Chief Lenyi.

Congratulations to Nicolas Paz for his appointment to Chief of Police of the Laverne Police Department, Laverne, California.  Nick is a graduate of the NA 255th session.  Congratulations Chief Paz.


LEEDS - There is still time to register for the 2017 California Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar (LEEDS). The Los Angeles Division is excited to be hosting the 2017 CA-LEEDS at the beautiful Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard, California, May 8-11, 2017.  We have an exciting training agenda planned for attendees with speakers from throughout the country presenting topics related to leadership, media and crisis communications, the opioid epidemic, cyber-crime, and more. The seminar will be highlighted by a presentation by U.S. Navy Seal Jeremiah “J.P.” Dinnell as he discusses leadership lessons learned on the front lines of U.S. combat in Iraq.” J.P.” works closely with Jocko Willink & Leif Babin, authors of the best-selling book “Extreme Ownership.”  Registration information can be found at  If you have any questions please contact our 3rd Vice-President Eric Sonstegard at who is coordinating this event.

ANNUAL TRAINER AND CONFERENCE - We are proud to announce that the California Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates will host its annual training conference at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay in San Diego, California from August 30 - September 1, 2017.  The theme for our 2017 Conference is We Can Be Heroes. This is an opportunity to motivate Law Enforcement leaders. Providing inspiring real-life accounts focused on effective leadership in an increasingly dangerous year in which law enforcement came under attack.  The overall law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty is up 6%, and those killed by firearms attacks up an astonishing 59%. The presenters for this Conference are experts in their field, bringing a national reputation for effective and uplifting presentations. The conference will explore multiple approaches to motivation, and will include talks on how to keep the Super-Heroes Super, and a debriefing from first hand law enforcement heroes that handled the December 2015 terrorist attacks in San Bernardino.  Please go to the California Chapter website at and follow the links to register.  If you have any questions, our Committee Chairman 1st Vice President Michael Barletta will be happy to provide answers at

YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM - The California Chapter is sponsoring two candidates for the YLP held at the FBI Academy in June, 2017.  The candidates this year will be selected from the Sacramento and San Francisco Divisions.  Please go to for details.  All applications must be submitted by March 15, 2017.

The California Chapter recognized three members from the Los Angeles Division for their dedication and support of the National Academy Associates for over 25 years.  Presenting the 25+ years pins was then President Russell McKinney and 4th Vice President Eric Sonstegard.  Receiving the awards are Jack Horvath, NA 153, Karen (Green) Henkel, NA 136 and Bill Rinehard, NA 121.  Congratulations and thank you for commitment to our association. ​

Vice Presidents Mike Barletta and Daman Christensen presented Scott Pearce, NA 154 with a California Chapter Resolution for his service as Chapter Historian and longtime support of the National Academy Associates.  

Sacramento Division Vice President Daman Christensen and member Michael Goold, NA 251, presented special “Yellow Bricks” to long time members Bert Seymour, NA 80 and Bill Deasy, NA 87.  Official yellow bricks were not given until the 154 session.

James Buzo, #227, was promoted in November to the position of Lieutenant with the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Bureau.

RETIREMENTS - Congratulations to recent retiree:  Mitch McCann, NA 239, Simi Valley Police Department.
END OF WATCH -  The California Chapter conveys our deepest sympathy to the family and loved ones of John Benoit, NA 147, Corona Police Department and California Highway Patrol, EOW December 26, 2016.



The Connecticut Chapter of the FBINAA held its annual dinner on November 17th, 2016  at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington, CT. This annual event is one of the highlights of the Chapter’s year and is always a fine time of camaraderie, training and reconnection with members, old and new.  The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Matt Kane, who was the last passenger off of US Airways Flight 1549, piloted by Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, which was forced to ditch in the Hudson River on January 15th, 2009.  This event, known as the “Miracle on the Hudson”, was described by one NTSB member as “the most successful ditching in aviation history.”   The Chapter offers its appreciation to Mr. Kane for sharing his inspiring story. 

Pictured (L to R)  Mr. Matt Kane, Assistant Chief Anthony Cuozzo, Orange CT PD, CT Chapter First Vice President, NA 220th Session


Judge Tim Engelmeyer swears incoming board members to their offices, President Glen Eidman,  229, 1st VP Steve Schicker, 220, 2nd VP Steve Lewis, 236, Sgt. at Arms Randy Boden, 250 and Secretary/Treasurer Mike Laws, 225.

Eastern Missouri outgoing President Kenneth Cox, 232 thanks the Chapter and applauds them for an outstanding National Conference.  Highlighting the overwhelming positive response from the attendees on a safe, hospitable and excellent training conference. Ken served the chapter well and will continue as past president providing guidance and advice to the incoming board.


It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of former Chief Deputy Ronald L. Clark.  Chief Clark, 74, passed away at Hospice of St. Francis with his family and friends by his side. 

The career of Chief Clark spanned four decades of dedicated service, with agencies at the military, municipal, county, state and federal levels. Each employment opportunity resulted in Chief Clark assuming a leadership position, where his vision and innovation became the catalyst for improvement, refinement, and excellence.  Chief Clark was the longest serving Chief Deputy in Brevard County Sheriff’s Office history, where he proudly served for over 16 years.

Hundreds of public safety personnel have been mentored and developed by Chief Clark, with many assuming positions of leadership in a variety of organizations. The early development of these law enforcement leaders by Ron has helped to ensure our communities are served and protected to the benefit of all.

As a Brevard County resident for more than 50 years, Ron has been a contributing member of many civic organizations and has supported countless community projects for the betterment of citizens and visitors to this area. Family values and quality of life have been constant measures in both his personal and professional life.

Our community owes a great deal of gratitude to Chief Clark as his entire working life has been dedicated to the service of others. Whether in the United States Army, Chief Investigator at the Titusville Police Department, or as our Chief Deputy, the service level of law enforcement improved under his watchful eye. The community benefited from his dedication, and the development of his successors continues his legacy today.

Chief Clark is survived by his wife Vicki, daughter Ronda Sapashe, son Steven Clark, daughter Shelley Nettles, son-in-law Michael Nettles, sister Claudia McDaniel and five grandchildren.

The Florida Chapter conveys our deepest sympathy to the family of Donald Dempsey, Session 124.  Mr. Dempsey was an active member of our chapter and worked for the Polk County State Attorney’s Office.
Promotions and/or change in department:

Tommy Ford, 258th Session, was elected Sheriff of Bay County.
Darryl Daniels, 255th Session, was elected Sheriff of Clay County.
Rick Staly, 177th Session, was elected Sheriff of Flagler County.
Peyton Grinnell, 244th Session, was elected Sheriff of Lake County.
Bob Johnson, 241st  Session, was elected Sheriff of Santa Rosa County.
Dennis Lemma, 236th Session, was elected Sheriff of Seminole County.
Mike Chitwood, 204th Session was elected Sheriff of Volusia County.
Sharon Armstrong, 253rd Session was promoted from Sergeant to Deputy Chief. 


Robert Randle, 189th Session, Chief of Police, Gulf Breeze, retired on Nov. 4, 2016, after 36 years of service;

Mike Hardee, 232nd Session, Major Administration Bureau, Clay County, retired after 42 years of service;

Rick Beseler, 141st Session, Sheriff, Clay County SO, is retired on January 2, 2017, after serving over 42 years of service in 3 law enforcement agencies - Green Cove Springs PD, State Attorney’s Office and ultimately, Clay County SO, where he was elected Sheriff in 2004.  He was re-elected again in 2008 and 2012 and decided not to seek a fourth term.   Rick served the Florida FBINAA Chapter for 25 years, including being elected Chapter President in 2005 and subsequently served for 8 years as Chapter Historian;

Thomas Dettman, 133rd Session, Chief of Police, Sebring, had his final “10-7” on December 31, 2016, after serving 45 years, 5 months and 10 days in law enforcement.

We are happy to announce Chris De Libro, graduate from the 259th Session of the National Academy, was promoted to Major at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Tavares, Florida on January 3, 2017.


Representing four chapters - Florida, Georgia, Maryland-Delaware and South Carolina attended the Mid Winter Business Meeting in Augusta, Georgia January 12 and 13.  Association President Joey Reynolds and Section Rep Joe Hellebrand were in attendance. 


The Kansas-Western Missouri Chapter sends out a warm hello to all of our friends worldwide!  We have several folks we would like to honor who have retired from our Chapter recently!!        

Major Eric Winebrenner, Session #252, retired December 31, 2016 from the Kansas City, MO Police Department with 27 years in law enforcement!  Major Winebrenner spent his entire career with KCPD and indicated he had a great career with his organization and many great people he worked with over the years!!  He served in different capacities including division commander and serving as the department's liaison with the city manager's office.  Mark was chosen as the new Public Safety Director at the Mid America Regional Council (MARC) located in Kansas City in January, 2017.  He will oversee MARC's work to administer the regional 9-1-1 system and interoperable communications systems.  Eric will stay an active member of the FBI NAA and looks forward to interacting with those in the Kansas-Western Mo Chapter!!  Thank you to Eric for his many years of distinguished service and continued work with law enforcement in his new position!! 

Captain Mark Terman, Session #245, retired December 31, 2016 from the Kansas City, MO Police Department after serving a total of 34.5 years in law enforcement!  Captain Terman began his career at the Polk County, MO Sheriff's Department in 1982 before heading to KCPD after three years!   He has worked over 31 years in the Kansas City community and really has enjoyed serving his department and city!!  Mark will continue his law enforcement career as a Lieutenant with the Harrisonville, MO Police Department.  He wants to stay active with the FBI NAA and working with many of his new regional partners in law enforcement.  We appreciate his many years of service!! 


This year’s Conference was held at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on September 26 and 27, 2016. The theme, “Present and Emerging Threats to the Homeland” focused on terrorist attacks both overseas and domestically. With just weeks away from the start of the Conference, we were reminded that the homegrown threat is a clear and ever present danger to the safety and security of the United States of America with the detonation of explosive devices in Seaside Park, New Jersey, and New York City. As uncertainty and confusion ensued among the public after the explosions on September 17, 2016, the men and women who wear the shield immediately went into action. It is a stark reminder of the courage and selfless-ness of the men and women who stand as fearless sentinels on the thin blue line resolute to protecting and serving citizens throughout this great county.

The Conference was well received by the 196 registered attendees from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our speakers this year were both internationally and nationally distinguished professionals in Law Enforcement. Major Christophe Boucharin of the French National Police, with 35 years of experience in international terrorism, has in-vestigated several high profile terrorist attacks including the Richard Reid (shoe bomber) case and the Charlie-Hebdo attack, in Paris.


Sheriff Matt Bostrom, 222nd Session, recently retired as sheriff of the Ramsey County (MN) Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Bostrom, who was elected sheriff in 2010, has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, the majority of it with the St. Paul Police Department where held positions including officer, sergeant, lieutenant, commander, senior commander, and assistant chief.   Sheriff Bostrom, who holds a doctor of public administration from Hamline University, is working on a research project and furthering his education at Oxford University in England.

Sheriff Jack Serier, 253rd Session, was appointed the 22nd Sheriff of Ramsey County (MN), replacing retiring Sheriff Bostrom. Sheriff Serier, who has approximately 26 years of law enforcement experience, joined the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office in 2011 where he served as inspector, undersheriff, and chief deputy. Preceding his time in the sheriff’s office, Sheriff Serier served as an officer, sergeant, executive officer, and commander, having spent the majority of his career with the St. Paul Police Department.  Sheriff Serier holds a doctoral degree in Leadership, Policy, and Administration from the University of St. Thomas.


Paul Boscia, NA217, was designated the Undersheriff of Putnam County (NY).

William Sheron, Undersheriff, was just elected Sheriff in Genesee County in upstate NY.

Sal Simonetti, Past Chapter President, just retired from Monroe County Comm College to take a position as asst director of public safety at U Florida at Tampa.

NYS/EC Chapter hosted their first annual Finger Lakes Wine Tour weekend getaway.  It was open to all LEOs and was attended by mainly NA grads and their spouses.  Held on October 22, 2016 on Seneca Lake in NY.  Sat wine tour, hospitality room at night and a winery tour/brunch on Sunday morning.  It was a lot of fun and brought together people from the US and Canada.


Mark Fender is a twenty-eight year veteran of the Strongsville Police Department. During his career he has spent time in each rank within the agency.  He has also had experience in each facet of the operation, either as a street-level operator or a supervisor.  This experience includes time as a beat officer, traffic unit officer, first-line supervisor, detective bureau supervisor, middle manager, executive officer, and as a supervisor of all support services.

He also served for eight years as a member of the Southwest Enforcement Bureau SWAT team; initially as an entry team officer, and later as a team leader.  He is recognized as one of the areas foremost authorities on prepared response to active threats, and has provided instruction to dozens of groups including businesses, schools and churches.

 Mark has attended more than 4200 hours of in-service training, most notably his graduation from the 206th session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia in 2011, graduation from the Northwestern University Supervision of Police Personnel Program and the Police Executive Leadership College at the Ohio State University.

He is a certified instructor in a variety of areas including fitness and physical performance standards, firearms, first aid, less-lethal use of force, and the basic police academy. Mark has provided training both within and outside the agency, and is a staff member at an area Basic Police Academy.

Mark has achieved a number of accomplishments throughout his career. These include the development of a fitness assessment standard for the hiring of police cadets, and the development of a quicker method of rapid deployment and response to active threats.


Congratulations are in order for three of our members who recently were awarded the prestigious 2016 Strom Thurmond Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement.

Federal Recipient: FBI Special Agent Jeffrey M. Long (Session 221 Counselor)
State Recipient: SLED Assistant Chief Paul “Cricket” Grant (Session 212)
City Recipient: Batesburg-Leesville Police Chief Wallace Oswald (Session 147)

2016 IACP Chiefs of Police “40 Under 40” - Congratulations to Bluffton Police Lt. Joe Babkiewicz (Session 254) for being recognized for demonstrating leadership and commitment to law enforcement. as one of the country’s top law enforcement managers under 40.

NEW Criminal Justice Academy Director - Congratulations to Chief Jackie Swindler (Session 137) who was recently named Director of the SC Criminal Justice Academy.

Lexington Police Chief Terrence Green (Session 217) was recently elected 3rd Vice President of the SC Law Enforcement Officers Association. Terrence just completed his 10th year as Lexington’s Police Chief.

Andy Robinson (Session 241) was recently elected 2nd Vice President of the South Carolina Police Chief’s Association. Andy has served as York’s Chief for 6 years.

Matthew “Matt” Hamby (Session 215) has been named Police Chief for the City of Greer, SC., succeeding Chief Dan Reynolds (Session 136), who is retiring March 31st.  Matt most recently served as Assistant Chief. Matt joined Greer as a Patrolman in 1993 and has worked his way up through the ranks.

Scott Morrison (Session 251) was recently promoted to Assistant Chief of the West Columbia Police Department.  Scott most recently served as Captain over the Administrative Bureau.

Richland County Sheriff’s Office Promotions:
Chris Cowan (Session 235) has been promoted to rank of Deputy Chief.
Roxanna Meetze (Session 229) has been promoted to the rank of Major.
Harry Polis, Jr. (Session 263) has been promoted to the rank of Captain. Harry’s Father, the late Harry Polis, Sr. was a graduate of the 124th Session in 1981. He attended when he was Chief of

Police for Forest Heights, MD Police Dept:
James “Jim” Crosland (Session 265) has been appointed Captain with Cayce Department of Public Safety.

The FBI, Columbia (SC) Division welcomes two new senior executives:
Alphonso "Jody” Norris has been appointed Special Agent in Charge. Jody most recently served as the section chief of the executive development and selection program in the Human Resources Division at FBI Headquarters.

Paul “Reid” Davis has been appointed Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the criminal programs and administrative function. Reid most recently served as the Assistant Section Chief and acting Chief of Staff for the National Security Branch at FBI Headquarters.

Chief Richard P. Ruonala, (Session 132) retired Chief of Police, City Goose Creek, SC passed away on September 4, 2016. He was 81.
Lieutenant Kevin J. Mooney, (Session 182), retired City of Columbia, SC Police, passed away on September 9, 2016. He was 68.
Chief Harold Charles Jennings, (Session 53) retired Chief of Police, City of Greenville, SC passed away on September 22, 2016. He was 94.



Kathy Atwood # 213 reported that she is still a travelling support system for her son Andy who had a great summer playing for the West Coast League championship Corvallis Knights team. Andy is back to Oregon State University for his sophomore year and has been selected to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League next summer for the Bourne Braves.

Sheri Crain #252 was officially named as Sequim Police Chief on December 5 in front of a packed house in council chambers at the civic center.  Family, friends, dignitaries, fellow police officers and retired Police Chief Bill Dickinson #184 were in attendance to see Sequim’s first woman police chief sworn in. 

Crain had previously served as the deputy police chief. Crain’s husband Pat pinned on her new badge.  She began working for the Sequim Police Department in 1991 and has served in several positions during that time.

Colleen Wilson #172 retired in November after forty years of law enforcement service.  She began her career with Monroe PD and was appointed as chief after returning from the NA in 1993.  After serving as chief for nine years, she became the Certification Manager for Washington State working on the implementation of licensing standards for law enforcement.  She accepted a position with Sumner PD and served as chief for five years before becoming the Chief of the Port of Seattle PD in 2007. 

Colleen holds the distinction of being the first female police chief in Washington State.  She was also the first female president of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) and chair of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.  Colleen has been recognized for her work in domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking.  Colleen’s retirement plans include spending time at the family cabin in Idaho with her husband Jerry and their children.  She and Jerry are  doting grandparents.

On December 8th Inspector (Deacon) Dan Ritchie FBINA 180th received the “Order of Merit” medal in a ceremony in Edmonton, Alberta. The Governor General of Canada the Honorable David Johnston bestowed the title Member of the Order of Merit upon 50 Canadian Police Officers across Canada.

Established in October 2000, the Order of Merit of the Police Forces honors the leadership and exceptional service or distinctive merit displayed by the men and women of the Canadian Police Services, and recognizes their commitment to this country. The primary focus is on exceptional merit, contributions to policing and community development.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Order’s Sovereign, the governor general is its Chancellor and a Commander, and the commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is its Principal Commander.  Congratulations to Washington Chapter member Dan Ritchie for receiving this honor.

From Gail Harris #190: This past Fall I took off for the European Conference in Dresden, Germany with my NA suitemate Nancy Carroll.  First we HAD to start with Oktoberfest in Munich for a few days. Lots of beer, music and festivals. Then north to Dresden to meet up with our NA friends from Brussels, Sabien Gauquie, speaker at our Seattle 2015 Women’s Networking event and her husband, Dirk Callebaut.  The conference, like last year’s in Austria, concentrated on Europe’s challenges with the refugee crisis, terrorism’s use of social media , and debriefs of various aspects of the attacks in Paris and Brussels.  This was very much a lessons learned for law enforcement in the United States.  We did have a bit of a scare there in Dresden when bombs were set at a mosque and another conference center in town. (I guess all of the police cars at our conference center were a deterrent!)

We then traveled to Prague in the Czechoslovakian Republic to meet with Milo Zan, graduate of the 260th.  He was an AMAZZZZZING tour guide, taking us to places that no regular tourist would go. He wore his Green NA shirt our first day! He did extend a generous offer to have anyone wanting to visit Prague contact him – he loves showing off his beautiful city. We were there for the Czech’s National Holiday, so enjoyed the music and festivals.  Nancy and I ended our trip touring Berlin and were there for October 3rd their Reunification Day and more music and festivals. I guess by now you see a theme of our European trip. 

For those of you who can find a way to attend one of the international conferences, I promise you it is a great way to see the world and meet amazing lifelong friends from many countries.  Mark your calendars and make a plan for Bristol, England September 23 – 27, 2017.  See you there!



David Beguhn, Session #295, Retires From Oconomowoc PD - Chief David Beguhn, Session #205, retired December 1, 2016 from the City of Oconomowoc Police Department after 33 years in law enforcement.  Dave spent the past 10½ years as the Chief of Police in Oconomowoc, his hometown where he was raised.  Previously, Dave spent 22½ years at the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department where he worked his way up the ranks to Captain.  It was there in 2001 that he was given the opportunity to attend the FBI National Academy.  From 1987 to 1997, Beguhn also taught EVOC part-time, to officers and recruits at Waukesha County Technical College.  Dave and his wife Barbara retired to Cape Coral Florida, but plan to summer in northern WI at their cottage so that he can continue to attend the FBINAA summer re-trainer.  Congratulations Dave!

Jeffery Micklitz, Session #227, Retires From Milwaukee PD - Captain Jeffery Micklitz was appointed to the Milwaukee Fire Department in 1988 and began his career with the Milwaukee Police Department in 1991.  He served as a patrol officer in the Third District, highlighted by his assignment to the Neighborhood Foot Patrol program which also included bicycle patrol.  In 1995 he was assigned to the Vice Control Division, where he remained until his promotion to Detective in 1997.  As a Detective, he was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Narcotics Division, highlighted by his assignment as a drug detection canine handler.  He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2001 and held assignments in the Narcotics Division, Internal Affairs Criminal Investigation Section, Background Investigation Section, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Milwaukee Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Group, Wisconsin High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and District Seven.

In 2015, Captain Micklitz was promoted to his most recent position as the commander of the Narcotics Division where he oversaw the Department’s participation in the Wisconsin High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, leading a diverse team of Federal, State, and local law enforcement officers assigned to the Drug Gang Task Force, the Fugitive Task Force, the Heroin Task Force, the Interdiction Task Force, and an Investigative Support Center.  Additionally, he oversaw the Department’s participation in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Group and the DEA Task Force.  

Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Mount Senario College and holds a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from Marquette University.  He is a graduate of the 227th Session of the FBI National Academy and was president of the Wisconsin Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates 2014-2015.  Jeff retired from the Milwaukee Police Department in December.

Jeff has moved to Montana to enjoy everything the mountains have to offer.  His mailing address is PO Box 289, Seeley Lake, MT  59868.  Congratulations Jeff!

Lisa Walter, Session #210, Retires from UW-Stout PD - Lisa Walter, UW-Stout’s chief of police for 14 years, retired effective January 6, 2017. 

Lisa joined the University Police in September of 1993 and became interim chief in 1999.  She was appointed permanent chief in 2002.

Besides her police duties, Lisa is well-known for her community work, especially with Special Olympics.  In 2007 she represented Wisconsin as a runner at the Special Olympic World Summer Games in China.  She also represented Wisconsin in 2009 as a running team leader in the World Winter Games in Idaho.  Lisa has served on the state Special Olympics board and has been a member of the state Torch Run council for more than a decade.  She has been recognized with many awards over the years.

Lisa graduated in 2002 from the 210th Session of the FBI National Academy and is a member of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association.  Congratulations Lisa!

Congratulations to Wisconsin’s most recent National Academy graduates:

266th Session Graduates — 2016

Brian Knepper, State of Wisconsin - Department of Natural Resources
Aaron Goldstein, Fond du Lac Police Department
Charles Ashbeck, West Salem Police Department
265th Session Graduates — 2016

Terry P. McHugh, Kronenwetter Police Department
Randall S. Albert, Marathon County Sheriff's Office
Chad D. Opicka, DePere Police Department

On behalf of the Wisconsin Chapter, our sincere sympathy to the family, loved ones, friends, and associates of:

Richard “Dick” Polzin, 136th Session, Racine Police Department, EOW – January 3, 2017. 
Edward A. Rudolph, 101st Session, Port Washington Police Department, EOW – January 21, 2017.