Meet the Candidates

Section III Representative

Greetings my fellow NA Members,
I am excited to formally announce that I am a candidate for the Section III Representative position on the FBINAA Executive Board. While every position on Board is an important one, the role of a Section Representative is even more critical because that individual is the first line of communication from the chapter members to the national board. If elected with your support, I will serve the membership of Section III by being that voice representing each of you at the national level. I will continue to travel to the chapters hearing the issues or concerns that each of you may have and communicate them to the executive board so we can work together in advancing and growing our organization.

As the Secretary-Treasurer for the Kentucky Chapter and part of the 2009 FBINAA National Conference planning team, I continue to stay involved at the national level where I have served on several FBINAA committees. I also serve on numerous boards and committees for local and national organizations where I have learned a lot that I feel that will be applicable in serving on the Executive Board for the FBINAA.
After graduating from the 220th session, I wanted to go back to the National Academy like many of you, so what I found was becoming involved with the F.B. I. National Academy Associates was the next best thing to being back at Quantico. I am very passionate about the National Academy and the FBINAA network that continues to keep us connected. It is important that we must continue to encourage involvement from our graduates so that we can grow and build our organization for the future. The National Academy graduates nearly 1,000 officers a year but we are not seeing the growth in our membership by that amount each year. This is an area that we need to identify why this is occurring and grow the membership.

I would like to provide you with some information why I believe that I am the right choice to lead not only Section III but the entire FBINAA organization to new heights. As the Chief of Police for University of Kentucky Police Department, I have sought out new technology and partnerships to move our organization forward. It is through these partnerships that I can leverage to assist in moving the FBINAA to a higher level. As times of financial constraints increase, we need to focus on developing new partnerships using creative financial ideas to increase our recurring funding availability to the organization.

Secondly, I believe that we need to fully examine the issues facing our profession by using the FBINAA as an advocate for our members to enhance the image of the police profession. We are losing members and non-member colleagues at an alarming rate to physical and mental health diseases. If you choose to elect me, I will work to develop cost effective programs that benefit all of our membership to enhance our overall health and wellness.
Additionally, I feel strongly that we need to work to keep the retirees engaged in our organization and not overlook them in decisions, training, or topics at the annual training conferences. I value our retired membership that each of us will be a part of sometime in our life and a membership area that will begin to see substantial growth over the next decade. We need to examine issues or areas of interest to keep the retired membership involved in the organization. One idea that I have heard is to create a new position of the Executive Board to represent the retired members of our organization. This is a concept that many other organizations employ to keep those retirees connected and involved.

I pledge that if elected to represent you on the national board, I will continue to not only be readily available to all sections of the membership but to also increase the transparency and communication to each of you. Serving as the Section III Representative is important role as that individual will progress on to be the National President. This is a commitment that I am fully aware of and take very seriously and I am humbled at the opportunity to serve each of you. I am happy to hear from you with any concerns or comments that you may have to improve our organization. Please feel free to email me at Additionally I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming business meetings and conferences in the near future. I am excited about the opportunity to serve each of you and to lead our organization into the next era.
I appreciate your support and consideration in voting for “Kentucky Joe” at this year’s annual conference July 30-Aug 2nd in Washington, D.C.

Joe Monroe