The FBI National Academy Association's Global Network

For over eighty years, the FBI National Academy has been training law enforcement officers to elevate the levels of expertise and build bonds of friendship and networking. In the beginning, most of the classes contained students primarily from the United States. By the late 30s, a few students from China, Canada and Great Britain were part of the program.  The number of international students began to rise in the early 60s, when President Kennedy signed National Security Action Memorandum No. 177 to enhance the training of overseas officers in the United States. As a result, the FBI began accepting international law enforcement executives in each National Academy session. Today, each session has about 25 international students accounting for ten percent of the class.

Thousands of international law enforcement leaders from over 170 countries have graduated from the National Academy Program. As global crime and terror risk continue to rise, the stronger the need for higher levels of international cooperation, collaboration and law enforcement expertise. The FBI continues to put a priority on offering and coordinating international training opportunities for its partners around the world.

The FBINAA International Chapters

The FBI National Academy Associates is the strongest law enforcement leadership network in the world with over 16,000 members around the globe. Members are part of 48 Chapters – 44 U.S. and 4 International Chapters. It is through the networking and training at National and Chapter events where the network is forged and enhanced.  This past year each of the four International Chapters held their training events. Each event included a full agenda of high level training and social networking.

FBINAA Africa/Middle East Chapter Retrainer
Marrakesh, Morocco-May 8-12, 2016

FBINAA Latin America/Caribbean Chapter Retrainer
Santiago, Chile-May 22-26, 2016

19th FBINAA Asia-Pacific Chapter Retrainer
Honolulu, Hawaii-June 5-8, 2016

34th FBINAA European Chapter Retrainer
Dresden, Germany
September 24-28, 2016