2019 Editorial Board

The Editorial Board reviews articles submitted for publication to the Associate Magazine and assists in selection of articles related to the focus topic of each issue.  All board members are NA graduates with experience in law enforcement or education. If you have questions about the editorial board or would like to be considered as a board member please email Susan Naragon at snaragon@fbinaa.org 

2019 Board Members:

Chris DeGuelle,

222nd Session, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Mark Miranda,

198th Session, Retired Chief of Police, Newport, OR

Jason Moen,

252nd Session, Auburn Maine PD

John Pape,

137th Session, Goliad County Sheriff's Office

Coby Pewitt,

273rd Session, Richardson PD

Randy Rody,

266th Session, Surprise PD

Neal Rossow,

212th Session, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police

Kimberly Schneider,

270th Session, US Capitol Police

Mark Spawn,

180th Session, The Spawn Group LLC

Ron Thrasher,

160th Session, Oklahoma State University