FBINAA 2018 Training & Education
Needs Assessment Report


The FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. (FBINAA) developed the education and needs assessment survey for the purpose of surveying member’s professional development, education and training interests and needs so that the FBINAA executive board, staff, etc. could better serve the members.  The survey was developed not only to evaluate member’s professional development, education and training interests and needs, but also to evaluate where and how FBINAA members currently get their education and training.  Allocating proper funds and resources according to membership interest and need is the most cost effective and practical measure to insure effectiveness of the funds dispersed.   


Executive Summary
The response rate for the survey was approximately 9.6%.  One thousand six hundred thirty (1,630) responses were collected with 995 (61.04%) from municipal agencies, 293 (17.98%) from county agencies, 199 (12.21%) from state agencies, 70 (4.29%) from federal agencies, 18 (1.10%) from campus/university agencies, and 55 (3.37%) from retired members. 

Of the 1,576 who responded to the Training Events and Programs Attended Throughout the Year question, 1,504 attended conferences, 1,357 attended workshops/seminars, 1,262 participated in on-line education and training, and 1,121 participated in webinars.

The top ten education and training topics that were rated somewhat a priority or a high priority were: