To Tell You Why I Love You
Author: Todd "Ozzy" Osmundson

NA Session #203

In early 2017 as a member of the FBI NAA, Session #203, I became aware of the FBI NAA pursuit to advance their Officer Safety & Wellness program. The OSW Mission: To save the lives, families and careers of peace officers around the globe…..seemed at the time, a good project to support.

Little did I know, it would end up playing a huge role in my life and my family.

Our police department was reeling from an officer suicide in 2014 along with our first officer in over a hundred years to be killed in the line of duty in 2016.   So I was grateful and honored to be selected to attend a “train the trainer” session for OSW in May of 2017.

One of the class assignments was to write/contact a loved one and tell them why you love them.  This assignment saved my brother’s life.

My brother had recently lost his wife to cancer at 52 years of age.   He was spiraling into deep depression as it turns out.  He asked to be fired from his career long job, they refused, so he quit since he could not cope working any longer. 

My mother and sister had repeatedly for weeks tried to get my brother help, he refused their offers.   My mom and sister begged me to get involved with my older brother just days before I attended the OSW train the trainer.   I refused, saying little brothers don’t mettle in the lives of big brothers.   

After being given the class assignment of contacting a loved one and hearing all the amazing passionate OSW trainers saying we have to normalize intrusiveness and become involved to improve the quality of lives of others,   I decided to call my brother that evening from San Antonio, TX. 

After his initial hello, I went into a sobbing “I love you Brother” and said “you need help my brother, will you accept help from those who love you?”   He paused for 10 sec’s and then said “Yes!”   Wow, what a life changing moment in our lives.  I had never told my brother I loved him in 56 years and I did it during one of his darkest times of his life thanks to the OSW program. 

My sister ended up traveling eight hours shortly after I hung up with my brother to go get him medical assistance.   We found out my brother was on day 12 of sitting in darkness in a chair in his bedroom ponder what was left worth living for.

I can assure you today, my brother has a lot to live for now!   We are the closest we have ever been and continue to do activities almost every week together.   Life is worth living.

After this experience with my brother,  I have come to find out my mother and sister have both been treating their depression for years but never shared until now due to the stigma associated with disclosing to others.

The other great news is that our police department is committed to the emotional, physical and wellbeing of our employees and we are currently working on building our own internal network of support as it relates to OSW.  

I will never be able to thank the FBI NAA OSW program and its instructors enough.

Deputy Chief C Todd “Ozzy” Osmundson – FBINA Session 203
Forgo Police Department