MEET THE CANDIDATE: Section IV Representative Bill Carbone

 To the members of Section IV,         

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Bill Carbone, graduate of the 217th Session and the 2017 Chapter President of the NYS/EC Chapter. I am a candidate for the Section IV Representative position in 2018.  I am very excited to formally ask for your support in my campaign; to represent the many members of Section IV. I have the great fortune to be following three superb Section IV Representatives. Laurie Cahill, Scott Dumas and Ken Truver, all exemplify what a Section Rep should be and it is my desire to follow their great lead, if selected to be the next Section IV Rep.

About me, I have thirty-six years with the NYPD and I am currently a Lieutenant Commander of Detective working in the Detective Bureau. I am a third generation member of the Department and the father of a fourth generation Detective. My family has served the NYPD and the City of New York for over 150 years of total service. My wife is also a member of law enforcement working with the Nassau County Police on Long Island. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree (CRJ) from Long Island University and a Master of Science (CRJ) from Andrew Jackson University. I also have earned a certificate of instruction from NYS.

As is the customary in the NYS/EC Chapter, I have been on the Chapter Board for almost 14 years starting as a local representative, planning events and training. I moved through the Chapter Chairs where I assisted in local events and Chapter Conferences as the Transportation Chair, Training Chair and Conference Treasurer. We have a very active Chapter and the NYC Office is the busiest. For the past 12 years I have planned and assisted in the execution of 8 to 10 events each year. Some of the best attended are the Christmas Party, West Point Football Game and the NYC Trip from Quantico which has become legendary.    

I have identified a very basic but important platform to run on, which has three simple components Training, Membership and Brand Protection.

It is my belief Training should be delivered in a simple and comprehensive manner. As an Association we should be identifying the training that will make those we train better in the performance of their duty. We should share our expertise with the members of our profession who have not been fortunate enough to have attended the Academy.  With the launch of the new CRI-TAC, we will be able to partner with other associations to create a resource center to provide the most up to date training and education for our members and their Communities around the world.   We should be training to be better in every aspect of our lives both physically and academically but not just with our active members but our retired members also. We should be providing training that can help everyone including CPR, AED and basic life saving techniques, all which could save lives. As the 2018 Conference Training Chair I have identified pertinent and topical subjects to assist the attendees in their job performance and basis of actionable knowledge like Interview techniques, Active shooter for off duty/retired LEO, Terrorism and gang instruction. Informative information not just overviews. Lesson to help us be better and give something to the delegates to take away from the conference.      

Membership, every active member should look to reintroduce those members who have become inactive, back into the Association. In 2017 while partnering with the national office, the NYS/EC Chapter brought almost 200 no longer active members back to the Association. Emails, calls and letters should be sent out to the wayward members, most of whom have just lost contact with the Association.  Communication with the membership is vital for a successful association of any type. With the new systems at the national level, our ability to keep the membership up to date is much easier. Our membership in this Association should retain a value, our National Sponsors should provide a tangible benefit to the membership. Some already do, but we should be getting something from them all. It really is a give and take partnership.                                                                                                                                                

And finally, Brand Protection, protecting the National Academy brand should be sacred. There are many great Law Enforcement Associations that exist for the betterment of the profession both active and retired, but none are like ours. There are some Associations that advertise everyone in criminal justice is invited to join, and even have different levels of membership. Not the National Academy. You must earn your way into the NA, and we all know how it’s done. Make the sacrifice, invest the time (not just money), put forth the effort, both academically and physically, and earn the Brick. Those Companies who want to link themselves with our Association should treat our membership as a valued partners and provide the members a value for our allowing them to use our brand and advertise our partnership to their benefit.       

If I am selected to represent you as your next Section IV Representative, I will work hard to answer l your questions and concerns. I will also work as hard as those I follow to ensure the Association only grows and improves. I will present your concerns to the National Executive Board and I will look out for the best interests of the Section both in North America and Europe, and continue the path that the current Board has charted.

 I hope to see a number of you in Quebec City in July. The Chapter Committee has been working very hard to make this conference a great experience for you, your families and your session mates from around the Association.  The City of Quebec is a great destination and you will truly enjoy your stay there while you experience an old world city of Europe so close.


William J. Carbone