Fellow FBI National Academy graduates and friends my name is Jim Gallagher, proud graduate of the 245th Session of the FBI National Academy and candidate running to be your Section I Representative to the FBINAA Executive Board in 2019. I believe it is the responsibility of leaders to serve others.  It is for this reason that I humbly offer my service to you and to the Executive Board of the FBI National Academy Associates as candidate for Section I Representative.

 I am a Cop's kid from a Cop family. My Dad, Jim Sr. has a total of 48 years of dedicated law enforcement service with the NYPD, Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Army Military Police. My family has or continues to serve in the NYPD, New York State Court Officers, Suffolk County (NY) Police Department and the Federal Air Marshals Service.  I am a 24-year veteran of Phoenix Police Department with assignments in Patrol, Gang Investigations, Undercover Vice and Narcotics, Tactical Support and Fugitive Apprehension and have held command assignments in Strategic Information, Patrol and Narcotics. I have a BA in Political Science from Arizona State University, an M.Admin – Leadership from Northern Arizona University and an Ed.D in Organizational Leadership Studies from Northeastern University (MA).

 Since graduating from the 245th Session of the National Academy in 2011, I have been an active member of the Arizona Chapter Executive Board as part of Chapter leadership, assisting with training across the state of Arizona, recruiting new members and acting as a chapter liaison with our Executive Board and Staff.  I also serve in a leadership role within the Phoenix Police Department as coordinator for our competitive National Academy attendee selection process.  I have served as an evaluator on the FBINAA University of Phoenix Scholarship Committee and have recently been appointed to sit on the FBINAA Charitable Foundation Science and Innovation Award committee.  Finally, for the past four years I have had the privilege to serve as the 2019 Annual Training Conference Co-Chair, hosted by the Arizona Chapter and the Phoenix Police Department. In this role I have had the opportunity to attended chapter, section, and national events and have seen the best of our Association.  This has strengthened my belief that the best of our Association represents the best of American law enforcement, the fundamental premise that brought me to and keeps me deeply committed to the FBINAA and to our members.

As your Section I Representative, I offer my commitment to be your advocate and to be your voice lending my diverse career experiences, extensive leadership background and strong Association relationships to represent the Members and Chapters of Section I with honor and in service with a focus on three key areas I feel are most important to serving the needs of the members of the FBINAA:

First, I will bring a Member and Chapter Focus that embraces the awesome responsibility and honor of serving as Section I Representative.  First and foremost, I will serve the membership and make every decision with the Member’s, Chapter’s and Association’s best interests in mind.  I will maintain open lines of communication between the Executive Board, Chapters and our members to assure transparency for decisions and accountability for actions while recognizing service to each other is fundamental to our Association’s success.  My leadership style is one that is relationship focused and solutions oriented. As Section I Representative I will be available, accountable, and open to dialog and hard questions.

Next, I will continue to Advance the Association to position it as the leading national voice on law enforcement and leadership matters.  As part of the Executive Board I will work to continue to develop the Association as the strongest, most important law enforcement network in our profession, one that sets the standard nationally for principled leadership and service. I will work collaboratively with the Chapters to increase membership retention, training capacity & social involvement and continue to explore new partnerships that meet the financial, educational, training, benefits & service needs of the Association.

Finally, I will Develop and Maintain Connections among and between us to emphasize that which makes our Association great – the bonds we share as National Academy graduates, the commitment we share to lead in our organizations and our dedication to serving our communities.  It is our desire to lead and serve that brings us to the National Academy; it is our personal connections that keeps us involved and engaged.  As an extension of both serving and connecting, I will strive to leverage the leadership capacity and community connections of our Association to be a unified voice committed to advancing the profession of policing and co-create solutions to the challenges we have faced in the past, the ones we are confronting today, and to prepare for those we will face tomorrow.

As your Section I Representative, I will serve the membership of Section I and represent all of us with honor and commitment.  I promise to work hard, be available, to be accountable and to be your Representative.  With the support of my family and the Phoenix Police Department as well as the encouragement and endorsement of the Arizona Chapter and chapters across Section I, I humbly offer my service to our members and to the Executive Board of the FBINAA. I am committed to becoming your Section I Representative and fulfilling the responsibilities it entails, and I look forward to the opportunity to run for election at the 2019 Annual Training Conference to be held in Phoenix, AZ. If you have any questions for me or if I can be of any service, please email me at