The FBINAA Charitable Foundation has come a long way since bylaws were approved by the FBINAA national board in August 24, 2010. The Charitable Foundation was created as a result of damages from hurricane Katrina, resulting in FBINAA receiving donations so that 90 FBINAA graduates each received $1,000 in assistance.  This is when the flag was raised regarding the 501 (c)(3) status for training verses charitable causes.

In 2011, the FBINAA Charitable Foundation Board of Directors was appointed by the FBINAA Executive Board. The Foundation began with a donation of $12,000 as well as a bill for $10,000 for setting up the Charitable Foundation as a 501 (c)(3).  Through a wide variety of fundraising activities and generous donors, including FBINAA Chapters, individuals like Ed Fuller, and corporations like 5.11 Tactical, the Charitable Foundation has been able to grow.  Year to date, the Charitable Foundation has given $171,000 to FBINAA members, for disaster relief, family assistance and college scholarships.

The Charitable Foundation continues to grow and most recently has hired a manager of strategic partnerships to assist us in fundraising. Join us in welcoming Karen Killpack to our team. Karen has a strong background in developing strategic partnerships and will work with us to reach this year’s fundraising goal of $1 million dollars. Stay tuned for many events and initiatives from your FBINAA Charitable Foundation.

Please visit our website  where you will find more information on our history, services offered to our members, and ways you can assist the Charitable Foundation reach the million dollar goal in 2019.