MARCH/APRIL 2019 Chapter Chat


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Alaska Chapter

We are honored to announce the appointment of one of our longtime members, Michael Duxbury, NA Session 252, to the position of Deputy Commissioner of the State of Alaska Department of Public Safety.  Deputy Commissioner Michael Duxbury began his career after graduating from the Alaska Law Enforcement Training Session # 5 at the DPS Training Academy in 1988. He began working for the Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit (SDEU). In 1993, he graduated from the Alaska State Trooper Recruit Academy RC-42.  As a Fish and Wildlife Trooper, he was initially stationed in Ketchikan; he later transferred to the Division of Alaska State Troopers, and was stationed in Kodiak, the Warrant Fugitive Unit, B Detachment Palmer Patrol, and C Detachment Aniak post patrolling the Yukon and Kuskokwim River villages. He became an Investigator with the Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team, and eventually promoted to Sergeant in the Major Offenders Unit.  In 2011, Duxbury was promoted to Lieutenant and became the Deputy Commander of C Detachment. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2015, and served as Commander of A Detachment in South East Alaska before moving over to lead the Alaska Bureau of Investigation and Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit in Anchorage immediately prior to his appointment as Deputy Commissioner.  Deputy Commissioner Duxbury holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.  

Deputy Commissioner Duxbury valued his time at the National Academy and maintains contact with his fellow classmates as evidenced by his tabbed directory. He recently pointed out the benefit of the networking he experienced in a 26-year old homicide case that culminated in an arrest of the suspect in Auburn, Maine. Although his contact with fellow Session 252 classmate Deputy Chief Jason Moen, himself recently promoted to Chief of Police of the Auburn Police Department, was not the cause of solving this homicide, it did contribute to smooth communications and extradition of the suspect. Deputy Commissioner Duxbury was adamant not to take away from the excellent police work conducted by members of his department, of Chief Moen’s, of the Maine State Police Unsolved Homicide Unit and Evidence Response Team, and of the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory, but to stress that the National Academy has shrunk the sphere in which law enforcement works effectively.


In the interest of sharing the excellent investigation of such a horrific crime the following is the press release given by Alaska State Trooper Colonel Barry Wilson, NA Session 244:

On April 26, 1993, custodial workers at the UAF campus discovered Sophie Sergie’s body in a women’s bathroom of the Bartlett Hall Dormitory. Sophie, a resident of Pitkas Point and previous student at UAF, was in town on personal business and visiting friends on campus. 
An investigation was launched by the UAF Campus Police, but was soon taken over by the Alaska State Troopers. Evidence at the scene revealed Sophie had been sexually assaulted and murdered. Suspect DNA was recovered during the investigation and a unique suspect profile was identified from the DNA; the information was uploaded into “CODIS” – A national Combined DNA Index System. CODIS, which is run by the FBI, generates investigative leads in cases where biological evidence is recovered from a crime scene. Matches made among profiles in the Forensic Index can link crime scenes together and provide investigators with the identity of suspected perpetrators. However, the DNA profile obtained in this case was not on file, and therefore the suspect remained unknown and at large.
Over the course of several months, law enforcement conducted hundreds of interviews on the UAF campus, and throughout the Fairbanks area. Dozens of leads were developed, and DNA samples were collected from many individuals in an attempt to identify the suspect - those efforts failed to identify a matching DNA profile. 

As the months passed, Troopers continued to diligently investigate the case. But as months turned into years, active leads became sparse. In 2002, the Alaska State Troopers established a Cold Case Unit; the unit acquired Sophie’s case. As time passed, several members of the Cold Case Unit would pour through the report to determine if the new leads were available to investigate or if there was some other angle or new technology to work the case. For more than 20 years, AST continued to receive information about Sophie’s murder, each Tip generating a dedicated response by the members of the Cold Case Unit hoping to break the case.
Finally…in April of 2018, the AST Cold Case Unit learned of a new DNA technology that was utilized to identify the Golden State Killer. AST contacted the Virginia-based Parabon Nanolabs, a company which utilizes extracted DNA to perform genetic genealogy screening. Genetic Genealogy is the combination of genetic analysis with traditional historical and genealogical research to study family history.  For forensic investigations such as the case involving Sophie’s killer, the process can be used to point to the likely identity of a perpetrator. Over the next several months, the AST Cold Case Unit collaborated with Parabon to identify the suspect’s DNA sample that had remained a mystery for over a quarter century.  Results of the testing revealed the likely suspect to be Steven H. Downs, who was alive and residing in Auburn, Maine. Armed with this new information, the AST Cold Case Unit reached out to the authorities in Maine for assistance. Over the course of several weeks, a plan was developed to contact and interview Downs, collect DNA and other evidence, and search his residence for evidence of the crimes. 
Steven Downs was taken into custody without incident on February 15th in Auburn Maine.  He will return to Alaska where he will be tried for the murder and sexual assault of Sophie Sergie.  Grand jury will be held upon his return to Alaska.  

Special recognition goes out to the Auburn (ME) Police Department, the Maine State Police Unsolved Homicide Unit and Evidence Response Team, and the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory for their assistance in this investigation. 

During the last 25 years, dozens of Alaska State Troopers faithfully dedicated thousands of hours to this investigation.  Through their dogged persistence, advances in technology, and the spirit of cooperation exhibited by each agency that touched this case; justice for Sophie is finally within reach. As the Director of this agency, and as a member of the investigative team that originally worked on this case, I am both honored and humbled to help bring some closure to Sophie’s family. 

Youth Leadership Program

The Alaska Chapter recently conducted the selection process for the 21st Session of the Youth Leadership Program (YLP).  Many Alaskan high school students with high academic standards and good citizenship participated in the process. The selection committee consisted of Chief Michael Holman, Ret., NA Session 251, Lieutenant Chad Goeden,Session 266, and Chief Sean McGee, Ret., NA Session 202. Chief McGee is the Northern Region Vice President and the current YLP Coordinator for Alaska.  

Ultimately, the selection committee recommended that Aveline Larroque of Anchorage, Alaska be this year’s recipient of the Youth Leadership Program nomination.  Aveline was recently notified by the FBINAA Executive Office and the YLP Coordinator that they had reviewed the selection committee’s recommendation and that they accepted the committee’s nomination.  Aveline will travel to the Academy in June along with 60 other highly motivated high school students, eager to participate in classes on leadership, ethics, constitutional law, and public speaking.  The Alaska Chapter wishes Aveline the best of luck as she embarks on this exciting journey! 


Arizona Chapter

The AZ Chapter hosted an FBINA Officer Resiliency Train-the-Trainer course back in January at the Chandler Police Department Training Facility.  Eighteen (18) members throughout Arizona were selected to attend the training and will now provide the training to all agencies around Arizona.  

This year’s recipient of the “Joe Gaylord Award” for outstanding contributions to our Chapter was Commander Jeffrey Grow, NA Session 244, from the Tolleson (AZ) Police Department.  Congratulations, Jeff!  We are grateful for all you do.    

The Arizona Chapter is preparing for the 11th session of the Arizona Leadership Education and Development (ALEAD) Academy in June of this year. ALEAD is a one week long youth leadership program held on the Campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. The program has supported 337 kids over the prior 10 years instructing them in lessons on leadership and preparing for future endeavors.  The week is a combination of classroom and experiential activities with a highlight of the week being a trip to the Grand Canyon. 

We are in the final stages of planning and organizing the FBINAA Annual Training Conference being held at the JW Marriot July 20-23, 2019 hosted by the Arizona Chapter of the FBINAA.  


In the last edition, we neglected to recognize Dale Walters, NA Session 247, for being selected as Police Chief for Globe (AZ) at the end of 2018.  Prior to taking the post, Dale was serving as an Assistant Police Chief for the Chandler (AZ) Police Department.  During his 28 years in Arizona law enforcement, he also worked for the Coconino County (AZ) Sheriff’s Department.

With Dale’s departure from Chandler PD, we are also pleased to announce another FBINA graduate took his place.  Bryan Cox NA Session 260, was promoted to Assistant Chief.  Congratulations, Bryan!

And finally, congratulations also go out to Chris Olson, NA Session 244 and Jason Larter, NA Session 233, of the Oro Valley (AZ) Police Department.  Chris was recently promoted to Commander and Jason was promoted to Deputy Chief.  We wish them good luck in their new assignments.


The Arizona Chapter is sad to announce the passing of retired Police Chief John L. Pickens, NA Session 146, of the Arizona State University Police Department. Chief Pickens was an active member of the Arizona Chapter.  After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Chief Pickens began his law enforcement career in 1976 with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. He also served at the Uplands Park (MO) Police Department and the Pine Lawn (MO) Police Department, where he advanced to the position of Police Chief.  It was while as Pine Lawn’s Police Chief that he became the first officer from that department to attend the FBI National Academy. 

Chief Pickens also spent time as the Director of Police for the University of Missouri-St. Louis Police Department and the Director of Public Safety for Northern Illinois University until 2001, when he selected as the Chief of Police for Arizona State University (ASU) Police Department.  Chief Pickens maintained a strong belief in Community Policing and was responsible for many initiatives at the police department until he retired in 2014.  He then took on a new role the university as the Executive Director of University Security Initiatives. 

In addition to the FBINAA, Chief Pickens served and/or was active with numerous law enforcement organizations.  Among them were the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Arizona Chiefs of Police Association (ACOP), the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA).


California Chapter

Many of our graduates have been meeting up at different events all over the State.    At the Northern California Peace Officers Association luncheon, Shown L – R: Don Savage, NA Session 151, Sacramento Sheriff's Department (Ret.), Mary Savage, NA Session 165, Sacramento Police Dept. (Ret.), and Hal Barker, NA Session 86, El Dorado County S.O. (Ret.), were able to chat and catch up.

At the Post Naval Graduate get together in Monterey on February 20th, three members from FBINA Session 225 ran into each other. (Shown L—R: Gina Haynes, Sacramento Police Department (ret.), Mark G. Stigler from Waukesha, Wisconsin and Lisa Shahade, Deputy Chief of AMTRAK). 

Graduates from Session 274 met up at the Sacramento Division Luncheon.  This was the first luncheon as a member of the FBINAA since graduating from the Academy at Quantico.  It was so good to see new graduates getting involved and continuing to expand their education, training and networking.  (Shown; L—R:  Dan Morrissey, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department;  Bryan Fritsch, West Sacramento PD;  James Jacobs, California Highway Patrol; Jason Bassett, Sacramento  PD).

During the yearly President’s Meeting at Quantico, the 2019 California Division President, Daman Christensen, NA Session 242, the Secretary Max Santiago, NA Session 214, and Treasurer Cris Trulsson, NA Session 227, got to meet up with the California graduates of Session 275 and take them to dinner.  Meeting the graduates gave the Board members the opportunity to introduce themselves and tell the graduates about the National Academy Associates. 

NA grads meet up and attend the 4-day shooting course at Front Sight in the desert outside of Las Vegas.  CA Chapter Historian, Gina Haynes, NA Session 225, and Citrus Heights Commander, Jason Russo, NA Session 272, were able to hone their shooting skills by shooting 600 rounds and getting some of the best firearms training there is.  Congratulations to Jason who came back with the “Distinguished Graduate” Certificate. 


On November 8, 2018, Chief William Imboden, NA Session 258, was sworn in as the Chief of Police for the Hercules, CA, Police Department. Congratulations Chief.  (See photo 1)

Congratulations are also in order for California Highway Patrol (CHP) Lieutenant Jim Jacobs, recent graduate of NA Session 274, who was recently promoted to Captain and made Commander of the CHP’s Office of Internal Affairs. 

Congratulations to Jim Macedo, NA Session 262, of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office who was recently promoted to undersheriff.

Jim Wickham, NA Session 214, was elected to Mayor of the City of Mill Valley on April 1, 2019.  This is the first father/son Mayorship in Mill Valley, as Jim’s father George Wickham served as Mayor for 1970 to 1972.
Pictured with his children, grandchildren and wife, left to right – back row - Sarah, Ashley, Scott, Jim Wickham, Suzie, Ryan, Lauren, front row – Kaiden and Sienna.




Congratulations to Dennis Vrooman, NA Session 242, on his retirement from the Murrieta Police Dept.  After a wonderful 3-day retirement, congratulations were again in order for Dennis on his appointment as Assistant Sheriff with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. 


Kansas/Western Missouri

Hello from the great Midwest!!  We have many folks to congratulate from our Kansas-Western Missouri Chapter and retirements to celebrate!!   


Welcome Back - The Interim Chief of O’Fallon, MO Police Department has returned from Georgia!  Chief Gary George, NA Session 169, served the Independence, MO Police Department from 1970-2001 when he retired as the Chief of that department!  He went on to be the Chief of Alpharaetta, GA Police Department from 2001-2017!  He has returned to Missouri and serving as the Interim Chief of O’Fallon PD as of December, 2018!  Welcome back to Missouri, Chief George!!   

Out of Retirement – Bruce Mellor, NA Session 126, has returned back to work as a part-time investigator for the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training (KS-CPOST)!  Great experience back in action!

Congratulations to Superintendent Herman Jones, NA Session 248, who has been named as the head of the Kansas Highway Patrol by Governor Laura Kelly in April, 2019.  Jones has over 40 years in law enforcement and was the Shawnee County, KS Sheriff before being tapped for this position.  We are very proud of Superintendent Jones and wish him the best in his new position!  


The following folks are retiring with over 120 years of combined experience!  On behalf of our Chapter, we wish them all the best and thank them for their years of service!   

Major Mark Taylor, NA Session 257, retired on March 14, 2019 with over 30 years of service with the Lee’s Summit, MO Police Department.  Mark spent his entire career with Lee’s Summit and worked his way up through the ranks serving many different roles throughout his career and retiring as the Major over Support Services.  He was the Construction Project Manager for their department’s $10 million dollar training facility and firing range as well as the Project Manager for a their new radio system as they joined the Metropolitan Regional Radio System (MARRS).  Mark is moving to the Lake of the Ozarks to enjoy retirement, travel with his wife in their 5th wheel, and may even work at a local marina to enjoy his passion of boats!  Enjoy!! 

Deputy Chief Kevin Cauley, NA Session 249, retired on March 18, 2019 from the Leawood, KS Police Department after 27 years of service!!  He has held numerous positions within the Leawood PD over the years and has been on the administrative side since 2008.  Kevin received the Silver Valor award in 1999 and Officer of the Year in 2002.  He is proud to have co-chaired the Metro Area Regional Radio System (MARRS) committee since its inception in 2010 which allowed the first responders in the Kansas City Metro area to communicate with each other.  Upon retirement, Kevin will be able to spend more time as the Treasurer for the KC GunsNHoses Benefit Ride, a local non-profit that helps first responders in need.  Thank you for your years of service!     


Chief Steve Menke, NA Session 225,  retired on April 1, 2019 with 31 years of service with the Olathe, KS Police Department!  Steve held several positions throughout his year and started as an officer in 1988.  He has served more than ten (10) years as the Chief of OPD!  He received several awards over the years including the 2018 Recipient of the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission’s “Clarence M. Kelley Award for Excellence in Executive Leadership”, 2013 NAACP-Olathe Chapter ‘Diversity Advocate in Law Enforcement Award’, and the 2009 Olathe TLC ‘Protector of Children Award’.  Steve has served on numerous committees and boards to include the IACP’s Mid-Sized Agencies Division Executive Board (Vice-Chair 2012-2016), Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA) Advisory Board (2011-2019), Johnson County Regional Police Academy Executive Board (2009-2019), and the Johnson County Chiefs’ and Sheriff’s Association President (2013).  The Chief is truly retiring and moving to Colorado as he has some fly fishing lined up!  Happy retirement!  

Chief Mike Daniels, NA Session 242, officially retired on April 1, 2019 with 32 years of service to the Merriam, KS Police Department and his community!  Mike served on many different boards including as the President of the Metro Kansas City Chiefs Association (2016) and President of the Johnson County Chiefs’ and Sheriff’s Association (2017).  Mike is moving on as the Public Safety Manager with Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) in April 2019!!  Thank you for your many years of service and good luck in your new position!  

Kentucky Chapter 

Kentucky FBINAA Chapter held their annual chapter training on April 22nd-25th in Lexington, Kentucky. Chief Todd Brendel, Erlanger Police Department was elected 3rd Vice President of the Kentucky FBINAA Chapter


Evan Ramsay, NA Session 264, was promoted to the rank of Police Operations Captain effective January 20, 2019. Previously, he oversaw the Detective Division at the rank of Lieutenant. He has worked at the University of Kentucky Police Department since 2006.


On December 8, 2018, Hollis Kevin Franklin, NA Session 225, retired as Support Services Captain. Captain Franklin faithfully served over 34 years in law enforcement at University of Kentucky Police Department. 

Latin America Caribbean Chapter

Christopher Brown, NA Session 275,  from Jamaica had an article in Loop about his National Academy experience. Read the Article...

Maryland/Delaware Chapter


SAC Gordon B Johnson, Maryland Delaware Chapter member, is retiring after a 23 year career with the FBI.  SAC Johnson joined the FBI at 26 after witnessing the agency’s attempts to investigate the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. SAC Johnson began his federal career investigating national security matters in the FBI’s New York field office. By 2000, Johnson was a supervisory special agent in counterintelligence at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., and four years later he was assigned to Baltimore for the first time.  Johnson moved to the U.S. Cyber Command in 2013 to coordinate with the National Security Agency before being transferred back to FBI headquarters to assume various positions, including as a deputy assistant director in the agency’s counterintelligence division.  Johnson returned to Baltimore in October 2016, this time as the Special Agent in Charge, where he assumed authority over the bureau’s efforts to curb crime in Maryland and Delaware.

The Maryland Delaware Chapter appreciates all the support SAC Johnson has offered the Chapter and looks forward to his continued participation in the Chapter events. Thank you SAC Johnson for your commitment and dedication to the FBI National Academy and the Maryland Delaware Chapter.

Pictured Right (SAC Johnson with the Maryland/Delaware Chapter Board from left to Right. Joe Conger, Training Coordinator Steve Shepherd, Danny Meadows, Scott Kolb, SAC Gordon Johnson, Laura O’Sullivan, Melissa Zebley, Orlando Lilly).

New England Chapter


Arthur H. Ryan, NA Session 158, Lowell Police Department (Ret.), passed away April 13, 2019.

New York/Eastern Canada Chapter


On Tuesday April 29th, the Chief of the Orangetown Police. Kevin A. Nulty, NA Session 171, retired after over 43 years of service, 22 as Chief.  


That evening, Chief Donald Butterworth, NA Session 223, was sworn in as the new Chief.  In attendance was retired Chief Homer Wanamaker, NA Session 97. Chief Wanamaker’s son Clarkstown Captain Jeff Wanamaker, NA Session 262, was also at the crowded ceremony. Members and former members of the FBI NYO as well as the DEA, NYSP, the Sheriff of Rockland County and the many Chiefs of Rockland County PD’s as well as the Chiefs of various Bergen County (NJ) PD’s; the District Attorney of Rockland County and many of his staff.    

Northwest Chapter

The Northwest Chapter held social events in St. Cloud, MN and Deadwood, SD in April. A great time was had by all, thanks to our sponsors, including Sanford Health, 5.11 Tactical, Bio-Tec, First Tactical, EcoATM, & CZ USA. 

In MN, Eric Gieseke, NA Session 248, won a pistol from CZ USA

Scott Boerboom, NA Session 236, won a $511 gift card from 5.11 Tactical. 

In SD, John Olson, NA Session 273, won a $511 gift card from 5.11 Tactical

Randi Erickson, NA Session 270, won a pistol from CZ USA. 

We have another event coming up August 13th in Grand Forks, ND. Whether you were or weren’t able to make it to one of the other events, hope to see you there! 


Burnsville, MN Police Chief Eric Gieseke, NA Session 248, is retiring after 30 years of law enforcement experience, all with the Burnsville Police Department. Eric spent 12 years as a patrol officer before being promoted to sergeant, captain, and 7 years ago, police chief. Eric led the adaption of body cameras, leading Burnsville to become the first agency to adopt them in MN and one of the first in the nation. 
Congratulations Eric! 



Texas Chapter


Julie Swearingin, NA Session 261, was promoted from Deputy Chief to Assistant Chief of the Fort Worth Police Department.  Julie has been employed with the Fort Worth Police Department for over 23 years. She has Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and she holds a Master Peace Officer License and a Police Instructor’s License from TCLEOSE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education). During her tenure with the Fort Worth Police Department, assignments include: Patrol, Gang, Training Academy, School Liaison, Detective office, Internal Affairs, Criminal Investigations, Special Victims Section, Chief’s Office, Special Investigation, Tactical Operations and Operational Command. In her tenure with the department she’s received multiple awards and recognition.  When promoted to Lieutenant she was the first Hispanic female to ever reach that rank in the history of the Fort Worth Police Department.  Her progressive leadership skill has helped her served in the ranks of Captain, Deputy Chief, and now Assistant Chief.  She currently oversees the department's Finance/Personnel Bureau, consisting of the Training Division, Professional Standards Division, Program Support Division, Communications Division, and Quality Assurance.

Congratulations Julie, well deserved!