COVID-19...What Happened This Year?


This year has been a very tumultuous one for practically all of us. It has tested our resilience on many fronts. A number of families and individuals have been pushed to their limits because of COVID-19, the economy, the social strife many have faced head-on. It has been a tough year; it has also been a hard year for Non Profit Organizations as well. Many have seen a dramatic downturn in the support they normally have seen because of all the uncertainty. The Non-Profits that have been hit the hardest are those that provide relief and assistance to others. More people are looking for help while the support to these organizations has slowed causing a strain almost to the breaking point. Many groups have been forced to close their doors because the requests for help have outpaced their support.

The FBINAA Charitable Foundation has been able to holds its own. We have been lucky in that the need has not outweighed the generosity of our supporters. Our supporters are you, the FBINAA membership, the Chapters and friends of the Association. All of you have been very helpful when the call has gone out this year. Your continued generosity has made it possible for the Foundation to meet its mission and support those members who have experienced life-altering events this year.

We would like to maintain the momentum of the Giving process. I usually write an article titled End Of Year Giving but why wait the sooner you make your charitable donations the less you have to stress at the end of the year to get that tax deduction. Many folks forget about the benefits of the Foundation that is until they are needed. It is important to remember the Foundation is here for the active members of the FBINAA when they face very difficult and often challenging events in their lives and of their family. No one knows when his or her house may catch fire or be destroyed by a wildfire, mudslide or flood. Jump into the path of a hurricane, tornado or other severe weather event. Worst of all is when one is stricken by a catastrophic illness or injury. It’s because of all these unknown events in life the Foundation was created and we rely on your support to be able to maintain our assistance programs and meet the needs of our members.  Not only are they our brother and sister law enforcements officers but more importantly our fellow NAA members.

There are a number of ways you can help us. First of all through your generosity of your donations. The Board of Directors of the Foundation (many NAA members) have created different avenues to help you support us. We offer you the ability to write a check or make online contributions. Online donations can be big or small, a one-time deal or recurring over a period of time (weekly/monthly). We also have a number of campaigns to encourage your support, our most popular one being the destination getaways, other include the Angel Campaign which encourages sustaining support every year, our 50K Challenge where we look to involve Individuals and Corporate America to purchase challenge coins and say thank you to a First Responder they may meet on the street or at an event. The Foundation also encourages you to remember us in a bequest as part of your estate.

The next way we could use your help is by spreading the word about the Foundation and why we exist by becoming a volunteer Foundation Ambassador. While attending meetings, retrainers, conferences that you would normally attend promote the Foundation while you are there. We’ll supply all the printed/electronic material and coaching to facilitate the task of bringing awareness and maybe some contributions to the Foundation.

For more information on how you can help the Foundation please visit our website, and reach out to your Section Director or any member of the Board and ask them.

As for giving financially, do not wait until December 31 to make that end of year donation do it now, do it now or over the course of a year whatever works for you but DO IT. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like help with donating to the Foundation.

Thank you,

John Moran
FBINAA Charitable Foundation

Please visit our website  where you will find more information on our history, services offered to our members, and ways you can assist the Charitable Foundation reach the million dollar goal.