The FBINAA Speaker’s Bureau has been created to assist chapters/members in locating dynamic and experienced speakers for their events who have already been endorsed by other chapters and/or members.  This is a resource tool for members to share their experiences.  It is the responsibility of the chapter/member to negotiate any and all speaker engagements, and applicable speaker fees, etc.  Below is the current list of speakers we have compiled to date, listed by topic area.  Only active members in good standing will be included in the FBINAA Speakers Bureau.  We are actively seeking to expand this list to provide the maximum benefit to our chapters/members and their agencies.  If you would like to be considered or know of anyone you would recommend, please complete or have them complete the Speaker's Bureau Application below and submit to Susan Naragon at  The application’s fields include speaker contact info, topic area, presentation title/description, bio, etc.  Once the applicant has been vetted and approved, they will be added to the FBINAA Speakers Bureau. If you have questions regarding the Speakers Bureau please contact Susan Naragon at 703-632-1994 or

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Communication Strategies

Joe Koenig, 122nd Session, KMI Investigations, LLC
Getting the Truth

Getting the truth is not easy.  We learn at an early age to tell partial truths to avoid telling complete lies.  Precise communication prevents and uncovers partial truths.  Imprecise communication nurtures deception. Developing special skills will help find the truth. The attendee will learn these skills through lecture and examples.  
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Alan A. Malinchak, 163rd Session Counselor, FBI Retired (FL)
Using DISC Diagnostics to More Effectively Communicate with Others

Participants will be exposed to the DISC personality diagnostic instrument in an effort to understand their communication and behavior patterns. Further, each personality type will be examined to assist each participant in understanding how to interact and communicate with individuals of different personalities. At the conclusion, each participant should have a basic understanding of how and why interactions with others are affected by personality.
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Cyber Intelligence

John DeVoe, 252nd Session, River Vale Police Department/Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Computer Crimes Task Force (NJ)
Sticks and Stones: A Cyberbullying Train-the-Trainer

Today's youth have grown up in a world that is very different from that of most adults. Many young people experience the Internet and other technological advancements as a positive, productive and creative part of their lives and development of their identities - always on and always there. Unfortunately, these same technologies are also being used in a negative manner.  One such abuse involves bullying via electronic means, or Cyberbullying.  Previously safe and enjoyable environments and activities can all too quickly turn threatening and become a source of anxiety.  Current research in this area indicates that Cyberbullying is a part of many young people's lives.
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John Iannarelli, 206th Session Counselor, FBI (AZ)
Cyber Concerns for Law Enforcement in the 21st Century

Previously, law enforcement viewed cyber matters to be limited solely to investigation of child pornography and predators on the Internet.  However, in the 21st Century Law Enforcement now has a host of other issues to face that are changing the landscape of crime as well as threats to officers themselves. This course, complete with handout, is designed to inform law enforcement of the various issues and provide suggestions on how best to respond.
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Emotional/Survival Mindset

John Campanella, 239th Session, Delaware State Police (DE)
Mitigating Police Fatigue

Suicide This course is designed to raise awareness of the problems associated with fatigued or tired police officers.  The presenter will define fatigue and educate the attendees about the causes of police fatigue, the consequences, and suggested ways in which fatigue can be managed. Half and full day programs expand the conversations about the physiological impacts to include how fatigue influences use of force, performance, driving, officer safety, and report writing.  The attendees will be asked to self-reflect on the problem and ask themselves:  "Am I contributing to the problem or the solution?"  Attendees will be encouraged to take ownership of their own fatigue and consider ways to improve their personal situations.  At the end of the session, the attendees will have a better understanding of why fatigue is a problem for law enforcement, why they should be concerned about fatigue, and the importance of sound effective management police.                                  
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Donna Kinsey, 222nd Session, Training Enhancement Center (VA)
Survival Mindset

The material contained in this presentation is particularly illustrative of the dangers of inattention to potential threats in situations where people tend to be complacent or distracted, and offers excellent opportunities to teach specific, potentially life-saving behaviors in response to those threats. The course is intended for adults of all ages, including teens ages *15 and up. The course incorporates lecture, PowerPoint, video and actual demonstration. The techniques do not involve strength training, but rather mental preparedness, recognition and avoidance techniques.
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Matthew May, 242nd Session, Wake Forest Police Department (NC)
Law Enforcement Trauma: Are You Prepared?

Law enforcement officers across the United States receive training in a wide variety of topics.  However, how many law enforcement officers receive in-depth training to prepare them for the traumas they will face? This presentation consists of a personal case study in which the speaker was shot while investigating a domestic disturbance.  During the incident, a female was also killed.  The presentation contains crime scene photos and video, original 911 call and radio traffic, and researched information and material from various experts.
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Dan Willis, 241st Session, First Responder Wellness/La Mesa Police Department, Retired (CA)
Bulletproof Spirit: Essential Guide toward Emotional Survival and Wellness

Suicide is the #1 cause of death for police officers every year. An estimated 120,000 officers work every day with symptoms of PTSD. Only 3% of agencies have a suicide prevention/awareness program. Most agencies do not have a Peer Support team or a Wellness Program to promote emotional survival. With over 900 hours of police academy training in California, at most 2-4 hours are typically devoted to emotional survival.  Officers distressed with PTSD and emotional suffering are incapable of providing effective professional service to the community. Well-trained and emotionally healthy officers provide the best chance to preserve the safety of our communities.
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Executive Leadership

Paul Butler, 220th Session, Horry County Sheriff,  Retired (SC)
Are You on the Team, or just a Fan...

This presentation encourages the individual to assess his/her talents and strengths and takes them on a clear journey of how to use them to be a better teammate and (ultimately) a better team leader - regardless of the rank or position they currently hold. This is a high-energy and fast-paced presentation that does not involve PowerPoint or handout material to make its point.
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Don Green, 204th Session, University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center (TN)
Law Enforcement Leadership

Structure of strategic planning incorporating the Baldrige Excellence model in moving an agency forward.
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Daniel Linskey, 243rd Session, Boston Police Department, Retired (MA)
Preparing for and Leading in Crisis

Chief Linskey will present on the training and preparation which helped Boston's first responders to prepare for the Boston Marathon. That training is credited with enhancing the response and saving many lives. Chief Linskey will take the audience on both an emotional and leadership journey through the events of the attack at the Boston Marathon. It will include the response to the bombings the evacuation of the injured and the securing the scene. The presentation will then cover the challenges and lessons learned from the investigation of the attacks, the identification of the suspects and their capture. Chief Linskey was the first commander on scene in Watertown that saw the terrorists exchanging gunfire with officers as well as throwing bombs. at the responding officers. The ensuing manhunt would lead to an unprecedented lockdown of a United States city and the apprehension of the terrorists.  Chief Linskey's presentation will arm first responders with the knowledge to respond to a major event and give them insight into the challenges they may face.
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Alan A. Malinchak, 163rd Session Counselor, FBI Retired (FL)
Leading by Example: Exemplifying the Behavior You Want to See in Others

The acronym "ICRELIEF" is used as a conceptual framework to present various leadership concepts germane to a professional position within an organization. These concepts can be applied to both an individual's personal and professional life. How an individual reacts to choices, change, commitment, creativity, control, confidence, responsibility, enthusiasm, leadership, investment, expectant attitude and humor, largely determines whether they have what it takes to "Lead by Example."
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Ethical Excellence

DF Pace, 256th Session, Philadelphia Police Department (PA)
Dollars and Sense: The Practical Value of Ethical Leadership in Police Organizations

Good ethics is often seen as a zero sum game. What's good for you must be bad for me. This presentation focuses on the inherent value of practicing good ethics to everyone involved in the transaction. This can be measured in terms of more successful police department missions and even in terms of monetary cost.
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Brian Nanavaty, 255th Session, SafeCall Now/Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IN)
Employee Development and Wellness-Healthy Hire-Healthy Retire

Employee wellness should not wait for crisis to occur, but should begin during the hiring process. Wellness should include preventative programs aimed at both the professional and personal development of employees. Workplace experts advocate that by identifying healthy applicants and partnering to maintain employee health, the organization has the potential to improve morale and productivity and reduce complaints and liability. For companies that can fire, hire and train a new employee in half a day the long-term health of employees is negligible. For public safety organizations, with lengthy hiring processes and huge investments in money, training, equipment and reputation; it is imperative to identify "ideal" candidates and then work to keep them healthy.
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Futures in Law Enforcement

Edward Bridgeman, 106th Session, University of Cincinnati Clermont College Criminal Justice Department (OH)
Is Ten Years Enough? 
New Directions in Policing Since 9/11

New challenges in local security and counter-terrorism coupled with a drift toward militarization compel law enforcement executives to both plan and be responsive to the community in ways not heretofore dreamed of.
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International Intelligence/Cooperation

Brad Flynn, 245th Session, Helena Police Department (AL)
Unfathomable - The International Investigation into the death of Christina Watson

The presentation takes the class through the 8 1/2 year multi national homicide investigation into the death of Christina Watson, a US citizen who died mysteriously while SCUBA diving in Australia on her honeymoon. The investigation spanned thousands of miles and 4 continents and presented unprecedented challenges and legal hurdles for the investigators in both the US and Australia. Attendees will see and hear not just the synopsis of the case, but learn how to coordinate an international criminal investigation by lessons learned on this investigation.
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Retirement/Career Transition/Financial Planning

Steven Bodge, 135th Session, Nationwide Insurance Company (WV)
Private Sector Partnerships and Opportunities

This presentation is designed to assist NA Grads with both career transition opportunities as they near the end of their LE career and to explain to those that choose to remain in the field the benefits of partnering with private sector investigators in SIU, Loss Prevention and other fields for resource sharing and networking.
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Jim Kalinowski, 176th Session, Houston Police Department (TX)
Circle of Life Retiring with Purpose, Passion & Balance in Achieving Financial & Life Wealth

Class discussions will describe the 6 myths of retirement, new spelling and definition for the word retirement, and the 6 stages of the HPD Circle of Life Roadmap. Students will participate in the following process:

• Developing a financial and life wealth plans.

• Learning to test drive their retirement plans.

• Viewing video interview testimonials of active and retired classified and civilian employee mentors, including phase down employees that returned to active duty.

• Discussing results of department survey (advice from pre-retirement mentors), and the "What your Family Should Know" document.
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Alan A. Malinchak, 163rd Session Counselor, Eclat Transitions, LLC, FBI Retired (FL)        
Public to Private Career Transition Considerations: Who You Are is NOT Who You Will Be

A focus on the issues people will face in a career transition as they prepare to navigate private market career opportunities.  Discussed are transitional issues related to retirement drivers, financial considerations, professional reinvention, emotional factors and the requisite transferable knowledge, skills and abilities required to venture into private industry.  Of particular focus is your resume, networking, interviewing and negotiating salary and benefits.
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Mark Neapolitan, 131st Session, Signet (OH)
Making the Transition

A discussion as to transgression from Law Enforcement to retail loss prevention within the private sector.
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Other Topics

Joseph Blozis, 179th Session, NYPD Forensic Investigations Division, Retired (NY)
DNA A Powerful Law Enforcement Tool

DNA evidence exonerates the innocent, links crime scenes, provides investigative leads, and identifies suspect(s). Subject matter will consist of the latest technologies used and best practices in the recognition, documentation, and collection of DNA evidence at crime scenes. Superior officers will gain a working knowledge of how a crime scene is processed and learn the advances in forensic technology to reduce crime and aid investigations. Topics will include, "Cold Case Homicide Investigations - A Forensic Perspective," "The Value of DNA Evidence and Property Crimes," and "Crime Scene Investigations". DNA evidence plays a pivotal role in crime scene investigations and is used to reduce overall crime. In return lives will be saved and fewer individuals will be victimized. DNA is truly a Powerful Law Enforcement Tool, together today for a better tomorrow.
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Neville W. Cramer, 157th Session, U.S. Boarder Patrol & INS Special Agent, Retired (FL)
U.S. Immigration: The Changing Role for Law Enforcement

By dispelling myths and discussing current policies and programs, this presentation will reduce much of the misinformation about U.S. Immigration enforcement that currently abounds throughout our law enforcement community. 
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Jody Fanning, 225th Session, Cottonwood Police Department, Retired (AZ)
Cottonwood "Walmart Brawl"

During the presentation we analyze the In Car video to better understand the fight for life the officers were involved in. We also discuss the Lessons Learned by the Cottonwood Police Department in regards to equipment use, capabilities/ malfunctions, training issues, and why Fitness in Law Enforcement must be continued even after the academy. Additionally we discuss the use of the in car video in regards to public and media relations given todays attitudes towards law enforcements use of Deadly Force. 
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Robert Ivey, 237th Session, Brevard County Sheriff's Office (FL)
Community Outreach, Law Enforcement & Social Media, It's Time To Be A Parent Again

Prior to being elected in 2012, Sheriff Ivey served the citizens of the State of Florida as the Resident Agent-in-Charge for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. As a member of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Sheriff Ivey developed numerous programs that were recognized at the national and state level for their innovation and excellence in criminal investigations. Programs such as the “Child Abduction Response Team” and “Law Enforcement Getting Identity Thieves” still stand today as national models in the investigation of child abduction and identity theft cases.
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Anthony Raganella, 223rd Session, NY Blue Line Consulting Group/NYPD (NY)
Managing Civil Unrest: Considerations for the Police Executive

Given the current law enforcement climate, major protests and civil unrest has been at the forefront of concerns for the police executive. This training presentation will provide police executives with an awareness of the myriad considerations involving effective prevention, planning, training and response to civil unrest and major protests.
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