Thank you for your interest in the FBI National Academy Associates.  Our corporate and alliance sponsors provide us the opportunity to continue to provide the training, networking, and professional development opportunities for our members that reflect the FBI’s ten-week National Academy Program.  As a sponsor, you’ll help us to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of law enforcement personnel throughout the world.  We view our corporate sponsors as more than financial contributors or vendors.  We hope they will consider themselves as family and the relationship to be an alliance.  We make every effort to foster a relationship that exposes your organization to us and our members to your organization.


The FBINAA is built on the foundation of knowledge, courage, and integrity.  We believe we have much to offer one another.  Please consider the information contained in the Strategic Alliance Program as a basis from which to work to create a dynamic and interactive relationship between your organization, the FBI National Academy Associates, and its nearly 16,000 members, in its 48 chapters, world-wide.