Anthony Raganella

NA Graduate

223rd Session


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Topic of Presentation

Civil Unrest Management & Response

Title of Presentation

Managing Civil Unrest: Considerations for the Police Executive

Length of Presentation

1-8 hours

Presentation Objective

To give police executives an awareness of the myriad of considerations involving effective prevention, planning, training and response to civil unrest and major protest.

Presentation Description

Given the current law enforcement climate, major protests and civil unrest has been at the forefront of concerns for the police executive. This training presentation will provide police executives with an awareness of the myriad considerations involving effective prevention, planning, training and response to civil unrest and major protests. Topics discussed include: Causes of Civil Unrest, Crowd Dynamics, Protest Extremists- motives and tactics, Crowd Control Equipment & Considerations, Operational, Logistical and Tactical Considerations, Legal, Intelligence and Communication Considerations, Planning, Training and Media Considerations, Public and Stakeholder Considerations, After Action Reports.

Speaker Bio

Anthony J. Raganella is a decorated 24-year veteran with the New York City Police Department in the rank of Deputy Inspector. His resume of achievements and professional pursuits exemplifies excellence and demonstrates what true dedication can mean to the safety and security of a large city. Describing himself as a leader that “gets involved,” Anthony has taken everything he does to the next level with a keen eye toward attention to detail and forward progress.

Most recently, Anthony was the Commanding Officer of the Disorder Control Unit, a citywide department unit primarily responsible for assessing and ensuring the Department’s training and readiness in crowd management and disorder control operations for civil unrest, as well as major events and emergencies. The Disorder Control Unit is additionally responsible for deployment to large-scale mobilizations, demonstrations/protests, major disorders and other major events, whether planned or unplanned, and provides tactical and logistical support, as well as coordinates the response of the Department’s Strategic Response Groups while assessing and assisting in major event planning and execution of strategic plans. As Commanding Officer of the Disorder Control Unit, Anthony regularly developed policy, as well as evaluated and implemented training, equipment and best practices related to crowd control, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and active shooter tactics, theory and technique. Most recently, he supervised the creation of the NYPD’s first bicycle squad dedicated to crowd management/control along with its policy & training. Anthony also conducted disorder control presentations to outside law enforcement agencies and visiting dignitaries, both national and international, and was instrumental in planning and coordinating the NYPD’s strategy, training and field operations during New York City’s Occupy Wall Street movement and the recent Black Lives Matter protests. Anthony was also the co-chair on the Civil Disturbance Subcommittee for the 2015 Papal visit to New York City and conducted international research for the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in 2017, where he continues to work with NIJ serving on their Special Technical Committee (STC) to develop standards for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training within U.S. law enforcement Civil Disturbance Units (CDU). Anthony is considered a subject matter expert on matters related to protests and civil unrest. As such, he serves as a consultant to FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness and is an approved expert witness in Federal court on such matters.

Prior to commanding the Disorder Control Unit, Anthony spent a majority of his career in various ranks within one of the Department’s patrol borough task forces – specialized units within the Department established for the primary purpose of deploying as a rapid mobile first-response unit to mobilizations, emergency incidents, demonstrations, disorders, and planned and unplanned events in a cohesive and disciplined team to provide crowd control and disorder policing. During his career, Anthony has been involved in the policing of over 2,000 demonstrations and major events, as well as the relevant training of tens of thousands of NYPD officers. He has been recognized by numerous officials and organizations, and has amassed in excess of fifty honors and awards for his various efforts and achievements

In relentless pursuit of professional and personal advancement, Anthony has completed his Master Degree in Public Administration, summa cum laude, from Marist College; a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science, summa cum laude, from New York Institute of Technology; an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, summa cum laude, from Nassau Community College, as well as being a graduate of the 24th Session of Columbia University’s Police Management Institute, and the 223rd Session of the FBI National Academy.

Additionally, Anthony is the author of several published peer-reviewed journal articles and text book chapter supplements in the field of criminal justice, and has presented the findings of his work at numerous symposiums nationwide.  Anthony is very active in professional associations and alumni groups, and believes in giving back through frequent speaking engagements and mentoring of newer officers. He is also a frequent guest-lecturer at local colleges and criminal justice events, and has been selected to serve on the FBI National Academy Associates Speaker’s Bureau.

In addition to his ‘day job’ Anthony co-founded Rising Star Promotions, an educational tutorial service focused on supplementing and supporting studies of officers seeking elevation through promotional exams. He continually develops study material and course curricula while leading recurring courses since 2006. The result has been successfully facilitating thousands of officers’ advancement efforts within the NYPD. Additionally, Anthony is founder and president of NY Blue Line Consulting Group, a company which provides law enforcement training and consulting services nationwide. 

Although Anthony has dedicated his professional life to law enforcement, he hasn’t limited himself to just police work. Anthony is also active in organizing fundraising events to support various causes for his high school alma mater’s alumni association – La Salle Military Academy – where he sits on the Board of Governors.