D F Pace

NA Graduate

256th Session


Philadelphia Police Department


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Topic of Presentation

Ethical Excellence

Title of Presentation

Dollars and Sense: The Practical Value of Ethical Leadership in Police Organizations

Length of Presentation

30 minutes

Presentation Objective

To translate ethics into monetary and socially measurable value

Presentation Description

Good ethics is often seen as a zero sum game. What’s good for you must be bad for me. This presentation focuses on the inherent value of practicing good ethics to everyone involved in the transaction. This can be measured in terms of more successful police department missions and even in terms of monetary costs.

Speaker Bio

D F Pace is an attorney and police lieutenant in the Philadelphia Police Department. He is a graduate of the 256th Session of the FBI National Academy and served as its class speaker. He has travelled extensively studying the value of ethics in terms of its impact to police organizations and the trust developed between them and the communities they serve.

This is just one of a number of presentations I have delivered. Other topics in which I have a great deal of credibility and experience include: human trafficking, effective police supervision and improving ones communication skills in a police setting.