Edward Bridgeman

NA Graduate

106th Session


University of Cincinnati Clermont College Criminal Justice Department


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Topic of Presentation

Futures of Law Enforcement

Title of Presentation

Is Ten Years Enough? New Directions in policing since 9/11

Length of Presentation

1-2 hours

Presentation Objective

Discuss the new paradigms and strategies in Law Enforcement dictated by new realities

Presentation Description

New challenges in local security and counter-terrorism coupled with a drift toward militarization compel law enforcement executives to both plan and be responsive to the community in ways not heretofore dreamed of

Speaker Bio

Professor Ed Bridgeman is head of the Criminal Justice Technology Program at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. He spent three decades in law enforcement, rising to the rank of Chief of the UC Police, before retiring and taking over as Head of the Criminal Justice Technology Program at UC. A graduate of the 106th Session of the FBINA, he has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and is a recognized authority on Terrorism. He has lectured and studied in the Mid-East and Europe on counter-terror training and is a certified instructor in several DHS training topics.