John Iannarelli

NA Graduate

206th Session Counselor




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Topic of Presentation


Title of Presentation

Cyber concerns for Law Enforcement in the 21st Century

Length of Presentation

1 to 3 hours

Presentation Objective

Address the future of cyber investigations and cyber threats directed at law enforcement agencies

Presentation Description

Previously, Law Enforcement viewed cyber matters to be limited solely to investigation of child pornography and predators on the Internet. However, in the 21st Century Law Enforcement now has a host of other issues to face that are changing the landscape of crime as well as threats to officers themselves. Whether it is Internet fraud that causes the loss of a citizen's life savings, a computer intrusion against the community's businesses, the threat of cyber terrorism against the city's infrastructure, or a cyber attack focused against individual officers, to include those who lead their agencies, law enforcement today needs to understand the cyber threats. Likewise, because resources are limited and few law enforcement agencies have the technical expertise available within their ranks, law enforcement needs to further understand where and how to leverage the necessary assets to address these problems. This course, complete with handout, is designed to inform Law Enforcement of the various issues and provide suggestions on how best to respond.

Speaker Bio

John G. Iannarelli entered on duty with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in April of 1995.Upon completion of New Agent training Mr. Iannarelli was assigned to the Detroit Division where he participated in the investigation of the Oklahoma City Bombing and served on the FBI SWAT Team.After his transfer to the FBI's San Diego Division, he worked violent crimes, bank robberies, kidnappings, and was part of the 9/11 terrorism investigation.His investigative work resulted in Mr. Iannarelli's receipt of the FBI Director's Distinguished Service Award.

In 2002 Mr. Iannarelli was promoted to FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, where he served as the spokesperson, addressing the national and international media on all matters involving the Bureau.In 2003, he was again promoted at Headquarters as the Special Assistant to the Assistant Director for the FBI's Cyber Division. In this position Mr. Iannarelli provided counsel to the Assistant Director on a variety of national security, investigative, public affairs, congressional and administrative issues impacting the FBI.In 2005 Mr. Iannarelli received a promotional transfer to the Phoenix Division, where he supervised the Cyber squad, overseeing all cyber investigations for the State of Arizona.

In 2011 Mr. Iannarelli was promoted to become the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Division, the FBI's number two position for the State of Arizona.In this position he has had accountability for all Criminal and Cyber investigations, as well as oversight for the FBI's Counter Intelligence and Intel collection programs.Mr. Iannarelli was also prominently involved in the law enforcement response and subsequent shooting investigation of Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords.In 2012 Mr. Iannarelli was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree of Computer Science from Arizona's University of Advancing Technology for his contributions to the field of cyber investigations.

Mr. Iannarelli is a highly sought after speaker, having presented on behalf of the FBI at numerous gatherings, to include Fortune 500 companies, United States and international law enforcement agencies, and on several occasions to the Vatican in Italy, most recently personally meeting with Pope Francis regarding the use of the Internet in the commission of crimes. Mr. Iannarelli has also published numerous articles and several books.Two of his recent publications include "Why Teens Fail and What to Fix", a parents guide to protecting their children from Internet predators and other dangers, and "Information Governance Security" how businesses can protect their sensitive data from loss or compromise.

Mr. Iannarelli was a class counselor for the National Academy's 206th session.Prior to joining the FBI, Mr. Iannarelli served as a Police Officer with the San Diego Police Department.A graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, to include a semester studying international criminal and civil law in Oxford, England, Mr. Iannarelli is also an attorney admitted to the practice of law in California, Maryland and the District of Columbia.