Matthew May

NA Graduate

242nd Session


Wake Forest Police Department


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Topic of Presentation

Law Enforcement Trauma

Title of Presentation

Law Enforcement Trauma: Are You Prepared?

Length of Presentation

2 hours

Presentation Objective

To prepare students with strategies designed to overcome the negative effects of law enforcement trauma. A personal case study is offered as well as researched material outside sources

Presentation Description

Law enforcement officers across the United States receive training in a wide variety of topics. However, how many law enforcement officers receive indepth training to prepare them for the traumas they will face?

This presentation consists of a personal case study in which the speaker was shot while investigating a domestic disturbance. During the incident, a female was also killed. The presentation contains crime scene photos and video, original 911 call and radio

traffic, and researched information and material from various experts.

The goal of the presentation is to use the speaker's personal incident, as well as the researched information, to help students understand the physical, psychological, and mental effects of law enforcement trauma. Specific attention is given to explaining what trauma is and how to help those currently suffering from its effects. Strategies are also given to help prepare for and overcome trauma when and after it occurs.

Speaker Bio

Captain Matthew May began his law enforcement career in 1996 with the Nash County (NC) Sheriff's Office. He served the department as a patrol deputy until he was hired by the Wake Forest (NC) Police Department in 2000. Some of his proudest accomplishments at the police department include serving on the Tactical Service Unit, founding the department's Explorer Post, attending the 242 Session of the FBI National Academy, and completing the FBILEEDA Trilogy Award. He has a passion for helping prepare law enforcement officers for the traumas they will face.