Neville W. Cramer

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157th Session




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Topic of Presentation

By dispelling myths and discussing current policies and programs, this presentation will reduce much of the misinformation about U.S. Immigration enforcement that currently abounds throughout our law enforcement community.

Title of Presentation

U.S. Immigration: The Changing Role for Law Enforcement

Length of Presentation

1-2 hours

Presentation Objective

Reducing misconceptions and enhancing knowledge about immigration law enforcement in the U.S.

Presentation Description

Immigrant communities are growing rapidly throughout the United States, and most law enforcement officers have limited knowledge about our immigration laws. Misconceptions about legal and illegal immigration are rampant, making it difficult for police executives to develop cooperative and successful policies for their departments.

During this presentation a short historical outline of immigration law will be reviewed. In addition, several current immigration-related subjects will be discussed and any misinformation will be clarified. This will include current issues relating to U.S. Citizenship, legal residency, illegal immigration, deportation, human trafficking, “sanctuary cities”, “comprehensive immigration reform”, “DACA” and the 287(g) program.

Speaker Bio

Neville W. Cramer served more than twenty-six years as a Special Agent and U.S. Border Patrol officer with the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). In addition to his eight years of "street experience", he held several managerial and executive positions, including six years as the Chief of the U.S. Immigration Officer Academy and Special Agent-in-Charge, Overseas Enforcement, INS Headquarters, Wash., D.C.

After retiring from INS in 2002, Cramer served several years as a contract instructor for the U.S. State Department and conducted antiterrorism training in more than twenty countries, including Algiers, Ecuador, Lebanon, Mali, Tajikistan and Yemen.

In 2012, Neville was selected by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to work as a contract "immigration enforcement expert" with Abu Dhabi Police in the United Arab Emirates. After almost three years in the Middle East, he returned to the U.S., and now resides in Florida.

Neville Cramer has been featured many times on both local and national television news programs, and is the author of “Immigration Chaos – Solutions to an American Crisis.” (2007)