Paul Butler

NA Graduate

220th Session


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Topic of Presentation

Executive Leadership

Title of Presentation

Leadership for a Lifetime: How the Past Prepares Us for the Future

Length of Presentation

1-8 hours

Presentation Objective

To motivate and inspire leadership on all levels of service

Presentation Description

This motivational presentation will cover what it takes to be a good professional and highlight the power of being a good person. I will illustrate how to take individual talents and apply them to the group setting to make an unstoppable and productive team. It is my belief that the ability to lead is present in everyone, regardless of their rank in an organization or irrespective of their situation in life. There are common characteristics that respected people and effective leaders share- most of these traits are developed by the individual rather than through the position they hold. This presentation will cover some of these most important leadership traits, as well as, how each individual can use the lessons of yesterday to overcome challenges of today and capitalize on the opportunities of tomorrow.

Speaker Bio

Paul Butler is a speaker, presenter, trainer and entertainer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a concentration in Culture and Communication, as well as, an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He excels in the areas of motivation, leadership, customer service and attitude empowerment. During his 27 years of law enforcement, he has been a public servant, training officer, sergeant, crisis negotiator, chief of police and chief deputy. These opportunities have given him a unique perspective on a vast array of situations and circumstances that many people find themselves in every day. These experiences have helped him to develop answers to questions and cures to problems most people are facing at work and in life on a continual basis.

Paul became chief of police of the Aynor Police Department at 22 years of age, making him the youngest police chief in the history of South Carolina. Born and raised on a small farm, his parents served as examples of hard work, common sense, personal responsibility and respect for self and others. This has played heavily in his success in life and within each organization in which he has served. He believes the power of a positive attitude can take you to the top or help you simply find happiness and pride in the current role you fill. A healthy attitude is often the key to both a personal and professional success – this has certainly been the key to Paul’s success.

As Chief Deputy of the Horry County Sheriff’s Office, he was selected to attend the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA in 2005 for the 220th Session. This 10-week, executive level course was host to 250 attendees from all 50 states and 29 countries around the world. Paul was selected by hos class to be their graduation day speaker alongside then FBI Director Robert Mueller. He continues to serve on the national level with the FBI National Academy Associates as their official Master of Ceremonies. He has performed with them in Orland, Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Louis and is already scheduled to appear in Washington, D.C. in 2017.

To increase his outreach, Paul Butler Presentations was formed and he has been traveling the nation speaking, training and entertaining for all types of groups, organizations and events. He is consistently one of the highest-rated presenters on the market today and comes with strong references and a list of past and future, exciting events on his web site: