Steven Bodge

NA Graduate

135th Session


Nationwide Insurance Company


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Topic of Presentation

Private Sector Partnerships

Title of Presentation

Private Sector Partnerships and Opportunities

Length of Presentation

1 hour

Presentation Objective

Twofold, to explain career opportunities available in the private sector for those leaving LE and to show the value of shared resources for those remaining in the field.

Presentation Description

This presentation is designed to assist NA Grads with both career transition opportunities as they near the end of their LE career and to explain to those that choose to remain in the field the benefits of partnering with private sector investigators in SIU, Loss Prevention and other fields for resource sharing and networking.

Speaker Bio

Steven A. Bodge, CIFI, SCLA, CFE

Steve Bodge is a SIU Major Case Manager for Nationwide Insurance. He is responsible for the identification and investigation of complex fraud cases in NY, NC, SC, OH, KY and WV.

Mr. Bodge has over 22 years of insurance investigation experience as a field investigator, regional fraud claims consultant and manager and has extensive experience in the prevention and investigation of organized commercial casualty fraud. He also has prior experience as the Director of Safety and Security for a large multi-unit and multi-state fast food franchise during which time he was heavily involved in the prevention, identification, investigation and prosecution of fraudulent commercial liability claims.

Mr. Bodge is a former law enforcement officer and detective and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Fairmont State University. For over 25 years he served as an adjunct criminal justice instructor at the college level and has extensive experience in developing and presenting training at the local, regional and national level. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator.