Vernon Herron

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Baltimore City Police Department


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Topic of Presentation

Officer Safety and Wellness

Title of Presentation

Managing Stress

Length of Presentation

90 minutes to 120 minutes

Presentation Objective

  • Understand stress and automatic stress responses
  • Recognize signs of stress in self and others
  • Learn the serious impact of sustained high cortisol levels
  • Decrease stress response for optimal health benefits
  • Start small to create realistic stress strategies
  • Know the available resources

Referral Source

National Broadcast, Special Report on the health of police officers, and police suicides

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Vernon Herron

Presentation Description

It has been documented, that the rigors of police work lead to PTSD, Alcoholism, Divorce and Suicide. More police officers committed suicide in 2017, than those killed in the line of duty. We recognize that due to the nature of the work and the roles police officers serve, stressors are a natural part of the job. We also know the negative impact of chronic stress. Today’s training is comprised of interactive discussions, education, and applicable ways to mitigate stress.


Speaker Bio

Vernon R. Herron


Baltimore City Police Department

Office of Police Officer Safety and Wellness.


Vernon Herron has more than 35 years of experience in public safety and law enforcement. He currently serves as Director, Baltimore City Police Department, where he manages the Office of” Officer Safety and Wellness” and the Office of “Early Intervention”. The office of Officer Safety and Wellness, promotes both physical and mental health, through training, seminars and health publications. Additionally, this office facilitates police officers with immediate access to a mental health clinician, as soon as officers have been involved in a traumatic event, such as” Police Officer Involved Shootings”

Prior to joining the Baltimore City Police Department ,he served as the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Public Safety and Director of Homeland Security in Prince George’s County, Maryland. As the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Herron had oversight of the Prince George’s County Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Corrections, Homeland Security and the Office of Emergency Management.

Mr. Herron served more than 27 years in the Maryland State Police. He joined the Department in 1977 and progressed through the ranks from Trooper to Major. During his career, he worked in Field Operations, Drug Enforcement, Criminal Investigations and Human Resources. As Commander in the Maryland State Police, Mr. Herron led the Violent Crime Strike Force. This contingent of more than 50 Troopers were responsible for targeting high-crime areas within the State of Maryland and assisted local law enforcement in reducing crime throughout the State. Mr. Herron received the highest honor bestowed upon a Maryland State Trooper, “The Governor’s Citation of Valor,” when he prevented an armed suspect from shooting several people and other police officers at a crowded restaurant.


Throughout his career, he has lectured across the United States on crime strategies and public safety. He holds a Master’s of Science in Management from Johns Hopkins University. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, University College. Mr. Herron is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy, Session 187.