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It is a longstanding tradition of the FBI National Academy Associates to conduct a memorial service during the opening ceremonies of our annual conference to recognize, honor, and hold in memory our fellow graduates who passed away since our last conference. This service includes the presentation of the memory table accompanied by the presentation of names of our deceased comrades. The memory table is filled with symbolism. The table is covered with a white table cloth to symbolize the loyalty and courage with which our fellow graduates served their communities. A single rose in a vase is placed on the table to represent the family and friends left behind. A hat and badge are placed beside the rose to represent their absence and a candle is lighted to remind us that they are not forgotten.

A plaque is positioned on the table containing their session, name, and date of death. The memory table remains on display throughout the conference for review and meditation by their family, friends, and fellow graduates who may be in attendance. At the closing ceremonies the candle is extinguished and the memory plaque is presented to the following year’s conference representative to perpetuate their memory until that time.

It is our goal to honor our deceased graduates during the year in which they passed away. It is a tribute to them and to their families and is most unfortunate when someone is not included. However, this happens every year simply because we were not notified. You can be of valuable assistance in eliminating this situation. When you learn of the death of a fellow graduate or if it happens in your agency or family, please let us know as soon as possible so they can be included in our next memorial service. We need their name, session, and date of death. This can be accomplished by notifying your chapter secretary, our national office or by contacting me directly.

Mike Hardee, Chaplain
Phone: (904) 463-2657

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