Hall of Honor

The Association’s Hall of Honor Program is intended to memorialize and pay tribute to National Academy graduates who are killed in the line of duty by adversarial action. The Hall of Honor is located at the FBI Academy, where a wall of etched stone tablets identifies our heroes and insures that their sacrifices will always be remembered. Additionally, a Hall of Honor ceremony at the FBI Academy provides the opportunity for family members, fellow National Academy graduates, friends, FBI personnel and the Association Executive Board to recognize these fallen heroes, mourn their loss, and offer comfort to their families. The Association assists with travel expenses and provides an immediate monetary death benefit to the family.

Hall of Honor


James W. Baber, 33rd Session
Alexandria Virginia Police Department
DOD October 19, 1962


David H. McCutchen, 53rd Session
Savannah Beach, Georgia Police Department
DOD April 10, 1963


Dan A. Mitrione, 59th Session
Agency for International Development
DOD August 9, 1970


William C. Smith, 72nd Session
Kentucky State Police
DOD April 26, 1973


William K. Mortimer, Sr., 83rd Session
Dayton, Ohio Police Department
DOD March 4, 1974


Darlon “DEE” C. Dowell, 113th Session
Ventura, California Police Department
DOD August 7, 1978


G. Boris Giuliano, 101st Session
Ministry of the Interior, Rome, Italy
DOD July 21, 1979


Thomas Elroy Buntrock, 100th Session
Mequon, Wisconsin Police Department
DOD December 2, 1979


Boongoy Oonvatana, 100th Session
Thai National Police
DOD December 21, 1979


John Joseph Brown, 82nd Session
Savannah, Georgia Police Department
DOD April 14, 1981


George Leon Garrett, 124th Session
Redwood City, California Police Department
DOD May 8, 1981


John T. King, 96th Session
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
DOD September 13, 1985


John Paul Frisco, 131st Session
Windcrest, Texas Police Department
DOD December 13, 1985


John Eaton Bradshaw, 130th Session
Tempe, Arizona Police Department
DOD September 20, 1987


James Leonard Schmit, 140th Session
Detroit, Michigan Police Department
DOD October 17, 1988


David N. Wilson, 124th Session
Payson, Arizona Police Department
DOD September 11, 1992

Gene L. Goldsberry, 87th Session
Topeka, Kansas – Kansas Highway Patrol
DOD August 5, 1993


James A. Lutz, 141st Session
Waukesha, Wisconsin Police Department
DOD April 28, 1994


Cecil Spencer Guerry, 174th Session
Georgetown, South Carolina Police Department
DOD March 9, 1994


Manuel G. Lopez Umana, 175th Session
Columbian Prosecutors Office
DOD September 5, 1997


Anthony P. Infante, Jr., 179th Session
New York Port Authority Police Department
DOD September 11, 2001


James A. Romito, 141st Session
New York Port Authority Police Department
DOD September 11, 2001


Kim S. Orlando, 191st Session
U.S. Army
DOD October 16, 2003


William K. Biggs, Jr., 202nd Session
Kirkwood, Missouri, Police Department
DOD February 7, 2008


Roberto Velasco Bravo, 226th Session
Federal Police Corps of the Government of Mexico City
DOD May 1, 2008


Thomas P. Tennant, 175th Session
Woodburn, Oregon Police Department
DOD December 12, 2008


Chad Reed, 238th Session
Dixie County Sheriff's Office
DOD January 14, 2010


Francisco J, Cisneros Prieto, 180th Session
Chihuahua City, Mexico Police Department
DOD: September 24, 2016


Clinton F. Greenwood, 263rd Session
Harris County, Texas Constable’s Office
DOD: April 3, 2017


Patrick N. Weatherford, 263rd Session
Newport, Arkansas Police Department
DOD: June 12, 2017


Vincent N. Liberto, Jr., 251st Session
Mandeville, Louisiana Police Department
DOD: September 20, 2019


Greg Carnicle, 229th Session
Phoenix, Arizona Police Department
DOD: March 29, 2020


James Gerard Molloy, 193rd Session
New York Police Department
DOD: January 30, 2017


Janelle Sanders, 280th Session
New York Police Department
DOD: September 11, 2022


Horren Randy Tyler, 228th Session
Madison, Mississippi Police Department
DOD: June 1, 2023